What sexy underwear is good in height

What sexy underwear is good in height

Height has a great impact on the choice of underwear.Different height requires different underwear styles and styles.For women with short heights, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear, which can enhance self -confidence and shape a perfect figure.So what erotic underwear is suitable for women with short heights?Here are some useful tips.

1. Choose the right bra

Choosing the right bra is very important for women with short figures.Especially pay attention to the shoulder straps and cup types of the bra.Try to choose as wide as possible. Avoid excessive shoulder straps to cause too much burden on the shoulder. At the same time, the wide shoulder strap can also fix the bra well, making it more comfortable to wear and not easy to move on the chest.The bray cup should be 3/4 or full cup type, which can effectively shape the chest shape and make the body proportion more coordinated.

2. Choose a sexy underwear that suits your body

The proportion of women’s body is usually relatively short. When choosing sexy underwear, try to choose more stretching materials and avoid choosing too long or too short styles.Too short erotic underwear will make the figure look shorter, and the long sexy underwear will cover the beauty of curve, which is not conducive to showing the charm.

3. Choose high waist pants

For short figure women, high waist underwear is a good choice.This can effectively lengthen the leg lines and increase the height visually.At the same time, high -waist underwear will wrap your hips, which can make your hips firmer and shape curve beauty.

4. Choose knee socks

For women with short heights, knee socks are a good choice.This sock can increase height very well and give people a mature and sexy feeling.Over -the -knee socks of different colors can be paired with different erotic underwear, such as black over -knee socks and black erotic underwear.

5. Choose a shoulder -free band model

For dwarf women, sexy lingerie without straps is a better choice, especially the matching of off -the -shoulder skirts.The erotic underwear without the shoulder straps can not only highlight the charming curve beauty, but also make the shoulders look more slender.

6. Choose V -shaped collar port

The design of the V -shaped collar can effectively stretch the visual effect and well modify the neck lines.In addition, the V -neckline will highlight the beautiful curve of the chest and make the figure more perfect.

7. Choose exposed clothes

Of course, for the choice of underwear, choosing a more exposed erotic underwear is also a good decision.But be careful not to choose too much style, showing the figure is more attractive.

8. Choose sexy underwear with the right size

It is very important to wear a suitable size of sexy underwear.The size of too small underwear will not only affect the blood circulation of the body, but also have a adverse effect on the body structure.Therefore, choosing a suitable size of sexy underwear can not only improve the beauty of the figure, but also protect your health.


The choice of wealthy women wearing sexy underwear is mainly to pay attention to proportional coordination, and try to show their charm and beauty as reasonable as possible.When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the style, color, size and other factors of the underwear to ensure the perfect wear effect of the underwear.

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