What should a boy buy a sexy underwear?

What should a boy buy a sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a creative, unique and sexy underwear that is usually worn by women, but now it is gradually welcomed by men.Putting on a sexy lingerie can make the sexy life more colorful. So, how should a boy choose to buy sexy underwear?Let’s discuss it next.

1. Understand the size

It is very important to choose the correct size selection on the purchase of sexy underwear.When boys buy sexy underwear, they must make sure they choose the size that suits them.If you buy too large or too small, it may not only affect the experience, but also affect health.Note that the size of different brands and types of sexy underwear is not the same, so it is best to view the size table before buying to choose the appropriate size.

2. Select the right style

When buying sexy underwear, boys need to consider their favorite styles.A whole set of fun underwear includes tops and bottoms, there are separate sale, and there are also a whole set.The sexy underwear of different styles and materials has different feelings and senses, so choose the style that suits you.

3. Consider quality

Interest underwear is usually worn to increase gender fun, but it must also ensure reliable quality.If the quality is not closed, it will not only affect the use experience, but also leave hidden dangers for health.Therefore, before buying, look at the materials and processing quality, and choose a guaranteed brand and merchant.

4. Pay attention to color

Sex underwear is usually colorful and sexy.When boys buy sexy underwear, they should consider the occasions they wear.If you just have sex with your girlfriend at home, to a greater extent to increase interest, you can choose a more colorful style.But if you want to wear to other public places, the color should be more neutral, so as not to be noticeable.

5. Buy with your partner

It is best to choose with your partner before buying sex underwear.This will not only ensure that the preferences of both parties are fully considered, but also increase interaction and create more fun for fun life.

6. Consider the body type

Interest underwear is very prominent in figure, so you need to choose the right style according to your physical characteristics when buying.For example, a boy with a large belly is not suitable for choosing a tight -fitting style, but you should choose a loose style to cover the shape of the lower abdomen.

7. Understand the fabric

Interest underwear is usually worn because it is to enhance gender fun, so its texture and texture are particularly important.Understanding the types of love underwear and feel can help boys to better choose their favorite products.

8. Consider hygienic issues

Sexy underwear is a private item, so you must choose a product that can be cleaned or disinfected when buying.This can not only ensure the safety of use, but also ensure long -term service life.

Views: When boys buy sexy underwear, they must consider multiple aspects, including size, style, quality, color, body shape, fabric, hygiene, etc.Only by choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can you truly enjoy a fun life.

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