What to say about sexy lingerie and Putty Talk


Interest underwear is a special underwear that is suitable for sex games and increasing interests.It is called different names in different countries and regions. This article aims to introduce the saying of sexy underwear in Mandarin.

Sexy underwear vs sexy underwear

Some people will confuse sexy underwear and sexy underwear, but they are actually different.Sexy underwear aims to emphasize the body curve and beauty, while sexy underwear pays more attention to increasing interest and irritating sex games.

Mandarin saying in sex underwear

In Mandarin, sexy underwear can be called "SM underwear", "sexy underwear", "sex underwear", "sex toy underwear" and so on.These terms describe the purpose and significance of sexy underwear.

SM underwear

SM underwear is a name of sexy underwear, which emphasizes the use of sexy underwear in SM games.If you like SM games or role -playing, then SM underwear is your indispensable choice.

Sexy underwear

Interesting products underwear is a underwear suitable for sexy products, such as sex shops or sex game venues.It is usually sexy and irritating design, which allows you to maintain sexy and confident in any circumstances.

Sex underwear

Sex underwear is a special underwear that is used to increase sexual stimuli and fun.Sex underwear can emphasize the curves and aesthetics of some parts of the body, and it can also be dynamicly dressed as a role.

Sex toy underwear

Sexual toy underwear is a special underwear, which can not only emphasize the body curve and beauty, but also provide you with additional stimuli.It can be paired with various sex toys to increase the fun of sex.

Sex underwear style

Interest underwear has a variety of styles, including exposed nipple design, lace decoration, opening design, and so on.These designs are to stimulate sex games and increase interest.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is a European and American -style sexy underwear. It usually uses the characteristics of high -quality fabrics, unique design, and strong stimuli to attract buyers.European and American sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that is popular in the world.

Sexual distinction of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can also be distinguished by gender. Generally, there are two types of men’s sexy underwear and women’s sexy lingerie.Men’s sexy underwear is mainly macho, sexy, obscenity and other elements, while women’s erotic underwear focuses on sexy, beautiful and noble elements.


In short, sexy underwear is a special underwear that increases fun and irritating sex games.Different people have different names and labels to call it, but their meaning is the same.No matter what kind of erotic underwear you choose, remember their purpose and significance.

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