What to say when you go to the pharmacy to buy sexy underwear

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Interest underwear is an increasingly popular product in modern society.If you want to buy a sexy underwear, you can consider some factors:

Your size

Your body

The effect you want to achieve

Your personality characteristics

Understand the type of love underwear

Understanding the type of love underwear is very helpful for buying sexy underwear.Different erotic lingerie styles have different characteristics.Here are some common types of sexy underwear:

Lace sexy underwear

Sexy pajamas


Sexy underwear pants

Sexy underwear skirt

Is the pharmacy suitable for buying sexy lingerie

The sexy underwear of pharmacies is usually relatively monotonous, with fewer types and cannot be tried.If you can’t find a suitable size, it is best to ask for help from a professional sexy underwear shop.

How to choose a sexy underwear shop

It is very important to choose a good reputation and professional sexy underwear shop to let you recommend the appropriate sexy underwear to you according to your needs and figure.It is best to choose the sexy underwear shops that provide offline trials, so that the sexy underwear you buy meets your needs.

The time to buy sex underwear

If it is special cases such as lover or wedding anniversary, you can consider buying sexy underwear, and if it is usually used daily, it is recommended to buy a comfortable and practical sexy lingerie, which can be convenient to wear day and night.

The color of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear of different colors will bring different effects. For example, black sexy underwear can look thinner in some parts, and red sexy underwear can make people look more sexy.Consider your skin color when choosing sexy underwear.

Balance of quality and price

The price of sex underwear varies from brand, material and style.Do not sacrifice quality because of low prices, but do not spend too much money to buy sexy underwear. After all, sexy underwear will wear and use life, so choose a balance point according to your own economic level.

Try to wear sexy underwear

Before trying through sexy underwear, choose the size that suits you as much as possible, which will increase the success rate of trial penetration.At the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene. It is recommended to clean your skin before trying to wear sexy underwear.

How to match sexy underwear

Interest underwear can not only wear it alone, but also wear clothes with clothes.For novices, you can start with a simple and easy -to -wear match. Those with experience can consider making sexy underwear with stockings or clothing according to the occasion.

Falling underwear maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be specially maintained. Do not wash it with dark and lightwear. It is recommended to use hand washing program or professional cleaning tools to clean it.Be careful not to use a bleach or dryer to handle sexy underwear.The best way is to dry it flat.

I have a point of view of buying sexy underwear

Buying sexy underwear is a private thing, and you should fully consider your needs and figure.Interest underwear can not only improve personal charm, but also a good way to enhance emotional communication.If you plan to buy sexy underwear, remember to choose the right sexy underwear shop. With the help of professionals, choose the sexy underwear that is best for you.

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