What underwear do I need to wear in sexy underwear

What underwear do I need to wear in sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear is a matter of many women.If you are considering wearing a sexy sexy underwear, you may want to know how to choose underwear to ensure the best effect.Below we will share some knowledge about the types of underwear needed to wear fun underwear.

1. Don’t wear a wired bra

The design of many sexy underwear is very sexy and attractive.If you wear a wired bra, the lines will be covered by the details of the sexy underwear, which will not only damage the overall visual effect, but also appear a little obtrusive.Therefore, it is best to wear a wireless bra to ensure that the design of sexy underwear achieves the best display effect.

2. Select the bra that matches the sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can try to match the bra that match it.For example, if you want to cooperate with an off -the -shoulder sexy underwear, you can choose to be equipped with shoulder straps that can move.If your erotic underwear is a strap, the vest bray bra that chooses to cooperate with it is a good choice.

3. Change underwear style

In some cases, women will have the habit of wearing the same style of underwear, but it is best to change the style of underwear when wearing sexy underwear.This is very helpful for you to show your sexy temperament.For example, if you want to show the beauty of the back, you can choose to wear a translucent bra on the back.If you want to show your side lines, you can choose two sets of sexy underwear.

4. Choose to wear transparent underwear

Want to show your body lines efficiently, transparent underwear is a good choice.Don’t worry about showing too much body lines in transparent underwear, because the details of the sexy underwear will cover some.If you want to show more details, you can choose to wear translucent underwear.

5. Avoid triangle trousers

The design style of the briefs is very simple, but it is not a good choice when wearing a sexy underwear.This is because the design styles of many sexy underwear are more complicated, while briefs are simple and monotonous.If you wear briefs when wearing a sexy underwear, they will destroy the overall effect.

6. Choose to wear thong

If you want your sexy underwear to get the best display effect, a good thong is very important.It makes body lines more beautiful, which is conducive to revealing sexy underwear.If you are worried that the thong is too tight, you can choose a more comfortable thong to ensure that the entire dressing process is more comfortable.

7. Avoid wearing underwear and sexy underwear of the same color

If you want to wear sexy underwear, it is best to avoid the same bras and panties that are exactly the same as sexy underwear in color.This is because the more colors, the more vivid your appearance is.If you choose to wear darker and complex underwear, sexy underwear will be easier to be highlighted.

8. Choose to wear high waist underwear

High -waisted underwear is very helpful in showing body lines, especially when wearing underwear wearing the details of the belly area.High -waisted underwear can easily wrap the stomach, highlighting the lines and waist curves.

9. Let the sexy underwear first get the key popularity

When matching underwear, it is best to make sexy underwear a focus first.Once you wear sexy underwear, you can choose underwear that is matched with sexy underwear.However, between sexy underwear and other underwear, sexy underwear must be the focus.

10. Your self -confidence is very important

The most important thing when wearing sex underwear is your self -confidence.Women should keep in mind that the purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to show their sexy and beautiful, not to meet any other standards.When you are confident in sexy underwear, you naturally show your best yourself.

in conclusion

What underwear needs to wear in sex underwear is not just choosing the right bra and underwear.More importantly, the sexy underwear should be placed in the protagonist position of the integrated matching, making it the focus of the entire appearance.Remember your self -confidence and show the most beautiful side, this will be your best shape.

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