Where do college students buy sexy underwear

Where do college students buy sexy underwear

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a symbol of fashion and culture. They can reflect the sexy and personality of women and make people enjoy sex more.So, where can college students buy high -quality sexy underwear?This article will provide you with some suggestions.

1. Buy in sexual supplies stores

Sexual supplies stores are usually one of the main sales locations of sexy underwear.These stores usually provide a variety of erotic underwear, which are extremely teased from sex, from bras to jumpsuit and G-string.They usually provide some small accessories, such as jumping eggs.Of course, pay attention to the reputation of the store when buying, so as not to buy low -quality inferior products.

2. Buy online

Another way to buy sexy underwear is to buy online.On the Internet, there are many specialized sexy underwear stores that provide extensive choices, from cheaper to high -end customization.They usually have a good privacy guide, allowing consumers to buy sexy underwear without revealing any privacy.Of course, choose a regular website to be more at ease when buying.

3. Buy in large shopping malls or department stores

Large shopping malls or department stores are also one of the main channels for buying sexy underwear.These shopping malls usually have sexy underwear of various brands.Compared to sexual goods stores, the purchase experience of these shopping malls or department stores will be more comfortable and decent.In addition, malls or department stores usually use better price discounts at the counter.

4. Buy in low -cost stores

There are also some low -cost stores, such as civil defense stores, and will also sell sexy underwear.These stores usually provide some basic sexy underwear, from tube tops and pantyhose to underwear and jumpsuits.These stores are usually not very high, but the quality of products is slightly inferior.If your purchase budget is limited, this method of buying may not be a good choice.

5. Measure before buying

No matter which way you choose to buy sexy underwear, you need to ensure that it can be proper to your body correctly.Before you buy, you can measure your body size and confirm the appropriate cup size, waist size, hip size, etc. to ensure that the purchased sexy underwear is more comfortable and suitable.

6. Choose a style that suits you

Different styles are suitable for different women.For example, some girls will like the Queen series with leather and hollow on it, and are equipped with rivets.In addition, some girls like sweet and lovely styles with lace and lace.When buying sexy underwear, consider your own style and choose the style that suits you.

7. Choose the right color

Color is also a factor that needs to be considered when buying sexy underwear.Color can affect your experience, and it is very important to use sexy underwear for the first time.For special suggestions, you can choose some dark erotic underwear, such as dark color series, which is not easy to produce flaws and dirt.

8. Pay attention to confidentiality when buying

Confidentiality is an important consideration for buying sexy underwear.Of course, many sexy underwear stores provide packaging and mailing, but sometimes the content of the package will be seen from the naked eye, or family, roommates, colleagues, etc. will be found when they are handled.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a business with a slender packaging, or buy offline purchase without the family’s unknown.

9. Matching price and quality

Finally, to remind you, when buying sexy underwear, don’t just look at the price, but also consider quality.Buying a cheap but poor quality of sexy underwear may cause loosening or broken buttons during use.Therefore, when buying, choose the appropriate price to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

10. Viewpoint

In short, you need to consider many factors to buy sexy underwear. Different occasions, styles, colors and prices need to choose cautiously.It is recommended to consider your needs and hobbies when buying, choose a style that suits you to avoid regret.

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