Where does the sexy underwear you don’t want to throw it?

Faithful discard

As a kind of private clothing, sexy underwear is usually not suitable for recycling.For example, you bought a sexy underwear. It is not suitable after trying it.

Large factory recycling

In addition to choosing the sexy underwear that suits you as much as possible, it is more personalized to build a more personalized and unconnected erotic underwear. You can send it back to the brand or online shopping platform for recycling.Most professional brands do so. These brands usually adopt a recycling plan to re -use or recover the appropriate abandoned sexy underwear.

Recyclable material

Another way is to see if the material of the sex underwear can be circulated.Like organic cotton, silk, fiber, and natural materials like linen cloth.These materials can be recycled than artificial materials.


If your old erotic underwear is more primitive or recently purchased, you can consider whether they have charitable institutions.Some organizations can accept gentle old sexy underwear donations, thinking that those who cannot afford and buy can help.Women’s rescue organizations and women’s homes generally accept these donations.

Textile trash can

If your erotic underwear material cannot be recycled, they should be placed in renewable energy trash bins and are recycled with plastic or similar materials.The list of recycling substances varies from cities. It is recommended to consult the local garbage treatment department.

Private treatment

If your sexy underwear should not be found and used by anyone, you can also send them to your local recycling center to properly handle it.There are many such stores that can deal with waste of various private problems to protect your personal and public health and safety.

Safely destroy

Sometimes sexy underwear needs to be destroyed or processed.In this case, make sure they are safely destroyed so that they are no longer used.It is recommended to connect with the local administrator or garbage treatment department to destroy.

Creative use

If you have the long -term environmental protection, you can try to use them in a creative way.Such as table lamps, boxes, clothes, or make some purely displayed artworks.Through creativity, you will find new uses of waste to create a better lifestyle.

Don’t discard it at will

In short, when you need to abandon sexy underwear, you must not discard it at will.Choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly processing method is a wise choice that helps the environment and our lifestyle.

Meaningful consumption

Compared to the erotic underwear you do n’t want, do n’t pile up what you do n’t need.Pay attention to meaningful consumption and sustainable lifestyle, which means you and your family, which means health, wealth and coordination.Therefore, we must always maintain consumption awareness and environmental protection concept.

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