Where is the place of sex underwear

Where is the place of sex underwear


Italy is a pioneer country in the sex underwear industry.This country has a large number of famous sexy underwear brands, such as La Perla, Agent Provocateur, and Intimissimi.Their design is full of artistic and advanced designs, and is very suitable for consumers who pursue fashion and quality.


France is famous for its unique temperament and romantic style, and it is also the manufacture and design center of sexy underwear.Brands such as Chantelle, Simone Perele, and Lise Charmel have been in France for many years, and have been favored by consumers around the world.


In the United States, Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous sexy underwear brands.The brand focuses on the sexy underwear in the design and manufacturing cultural atmosphere, and often cooperates with well -known super models to launch explosive products.


China’s erotic underwear industry is also growing and growing.Many brands are committed to incorporating domestic cultural elements into sexy underwear design, such as Sakura Mo and Huaxizi.Sexy, economic and fashionable styles are also pursued by many Chinese brands.


Spain Catalonia is the hometown of the sexy underwear brand Atelier Bárbara Palacios.This brand has an artistic and romanticity. Designers use traditional hook needle technology to make products, which has won global attention.


Britain is famous for classic sexy underwear brands like vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur.Their design has classical and modern characteristics, and is an important leader in European sex underwear manufacturing.


German brand Rigby & Peller is famous for its high -quality, advanced and luxurious design style.The founder of the brand June Kenton is loved by women, and she has worked with the British royal family for many years.


Japan has some unique sexy underwear brands, such as Wacoal and Peach John.These brands often integrate cute and sexy elements in product design, and are loved by many young women.


Colombian brand Pepa Loves is a rising star in the sex underwear industry, but its products have attracted attention.The brand is highly respected for its tropical design style and quality assurance.


Poland is a new route made by sexy underwear.Here, brand Lisca and Axami are regarded as the best in making high -quality sexy underwear.These brands usually focus on product accessories, styles and details.

in conclusion

In general, the origin of sexy underwear is very scattered, and there are different cultural traditions and characteristics around the world.Consumers should choose their favorite brand and design style when buying sexy underwear, and pay attention to the quality and materials of the product.No matter what country’s sexy underwear from, the most important thing is to make you feel natural comfortable and confident.

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