Where is the sexy underwear hanging

Where is the most suitable lingerie?

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has a variety of styles and bright colors. It is a weapon for modern women to show her sexy, charm, temperament, and personality.So, how should we store these beautiful sexy underwear?Below, let’s discuss where to hang sex underwear.

1. Selection window hanging

The window is usually one of the important ways to attract customers’ eyeballs. Therefore, hanging sexy sexy underwear in the store’s window position can attract more attention, and at the same time allow customers to better understand the styles and materials of love underwear, etc.Information to increase sales.

2. Put it in the wardrobe

Interesting underwear is different from ordinary underwear, and needs more detailed care. Therefore, putting them in the wardrobe can not only maintain the shape of the underwear, but also allow the underwear to be protected by proper dust, moisture -proof, insect -proof, etc., extend the service life life, and extend the service life.Essence

3. Hanging a caring decorative shelf on the bed

The erotic underwear itself has the connotation of love and romance. Hanging the sexy underwear on the bedside is not only decorated with the room, but also makes people feel full of love.

4. Hanging in the underwear mesh bag

Underwear mesh is a bag specializing in storing underwear, which can effectively prevent friction and wear between underwear. At the same time, it can keep the sex underwear maintain natural softness, comfort and taste.

5. Hook on the corridor

If the space inside your room is small, you can install some hooks on the wall of the corridor and hang the sexy underwear on it. It can not only use the space, but also beautify the wall. It is a good choice.

6. Hanging on curtains

Curtains are one of the important part of home decoration. Hanging sexy underwear on curtains can increase the artistic effect of curtains. At the same time, it can also enhance the unique nature of sexy underwear and add a lot of fun to family life.

7. Put in the bedside table drawer

Some sexy lingerie styles are relatively special and small in size. They can be placed in the bedside table drawer. In this way, not only can it be used to prevent dust, moisture, and insects, but also easy to use.

8. Hang on the shelf

Sex underwear can be hung on a hanger like ordinary underwear, but you need to use a special hanger, such as plastic hanger, wooden hanger, etc. to protect the quality and shape of the underwear.

9. Put it in the bottom cabinet

Some sexy lingerie needs to be stored for a long time, which can be placed in the bedside cabinet, which is easy to store, and can effectively protect underwear and extend the service life.

10. Hanging in the hook of clothing

If you have some extra space on your clothing, you can use this space to hang the sexy underwear on it. In this way, it can be easy to use and beautify the wall.


Interest underwear is a special underwear, which has a variety of styles and can reflect the sexy, charm and temperament of women.When storing sex underwear, you should choose the appropriate storage location according to the actual situation, make full use of space, and pay attention to the protection and maintenance of sexy underwear to extend the service life.

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