Whether to tear in erotic underwear

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear designed for couples. Their styles are rich in color, including bra, underwear, suspenders, jackets, role -playing clothing.Generally, this underwear is transparent, lace, leather and other sexy materials, mainly to highlight the female curve and sexy temperament.

Sex of sex underwear

According to different uses and characteristics, sexy underwear can be divided into the following types:

1. Beautiful breast type

Beautiful breasts and sexy underwear are underwear designed to strengthen chest lines and strengthen feminine charm.They usually have some special designs, such as gathering cups, increasing filling, creating deeper V -shaped shapes, and so on.Beautiful breasts and sexy underwear can also make the waistline more slender.

2. Open crotch type

Open crotch -type sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is usually suitable for couples who want to try some bold sex.They usually use open design to enjoy pleasure in behavior.

3. Transparent type

Transparent sexy underwear is a very popular style. This underwear is usually thinner, such as lace, linen, mesh, silk, etc.Transparent sexy underwear makes women’s bodies better display, and also increases the mystery between couples.

4. Bonding type

Rest -type sexy underwear is a underwear designed to control the body.They usually use various special materials and designs, such as iron chains, leather, handcuffs, etc.Rest -type sexy underwear usually increases the stimulus between couples, allowing them to feel the control and control of the partner.

5. role -playing type

The role -playing sexy underwear is a dramatic underwear.These sexy underwear is designed as various roles, such as police, nurses, students and teachers.The role -playing sexy underwear help couples to better realize their sexual fantasies and increase the freshness between couples.

Selection of sex underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose the right style according to the following points:

1. Materials and comfort

First of all, consider whether the material of the sexy underwear meets the personal needs and hobbies, and also pay attention to comfort to avoid discomfort caused by too irritating or too tight design.

2. Your own characteristics and personality

Choose sexy underwear according to your physical characteristics and personality, and highlight the personal characteristics of sexy, elegance and charm as much as possible.

3. Scenes and purposes

Choose according to the occasion and purpose of using sex underwear, such as whether to create a romantic atmosphere and whether it is used for special sexual behavior.

4. Personal preferences and needs

Finally, choose sexy underwear based on personal preferences and needs, which will help the body and spiritual satisfaction.

Falling underwear maintenance

Maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. It can prolong the life life of sexy underwear and maintain the hygiene and comfort of underwear.Here are some ways to maintain sexy underwear:

1. Wash correctly according to the label

First of all, cleaning should be washed according to the cleaning instructions on the sexy underwear label to avoid using overheating or too irritating detergent to wash.

2. Wash with cold water

Wash the sexy underwear with water or cold water to avoid using dry clothes and twisted dryers.

3. Avoid folding

When storing sexy underwear, it should be avoided, which will destroy the shape and lines of the underwear, and will speed up the aging and wear of the fabric.

4. Prevent direct sunlight

Sex underwear should be avoided directly in the sun, which will destroy the material and shape of the underwear and increase the risk of bacterial breeding.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is a very interesting and creative underwear.If you choose and maintain correctly, they can better make the relationship between couples better and intimate.

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