White -collar sex lingerie novels

White -collar sex lingerie novels

Chapter 1: Customized sexy underwear

In the white -collar world, women have a dress, for some important occasions.However, no one knows that women in the office also need such clothes.At this time, sexy underwear became a good choice.Moreover, sexy underwear can be customized, and only you know which parts need to be more prominent.

Chapter 2: A variety of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, such as lace, mesh, hollowed out, etc.We can choose the right style according to our body and preferences.Especially in summer, breathability and comfort will be important, so you must choose sexy underwear that conforms to seasonal characteristics.

Chapter III: Sexy and comfortable coexistence

Every woman wants to maintain a balance between cuteness and sexy.Therefore, we need to choose a sexy sexy underwear that can be perfectly integrated even if comfort.Just as the golden velvet material, it is both soft and comfortable, but also shows the body curve. This is one of the most practical materials.

Chapter 4: Color and skin color matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, the color and skin color also need to be matched.For example, black is a classic color, which is easy to create sexy effects.White and pink are more suitable for women with lighter complexion.Similarly, red is suitable for the skin, so you need to combine your skin tone to choose the color.

Chapter 5: Collect of sexy underwear

A perfect erotic underwear also requires accessories and lower clothes.For example, socks, gloves, and fluorescent decorations can double the sexy effect.In terms of the selection of the bottom, whether the special tailoring depends on the underwear style you choose, such as hollow or lace, you need to choose a special tailor pants that matches it.

Chapter VI: Questing of Fun Underwear

After choosing sexy underwear, how to better show its effect?Her behavior is important!First of all, you need to stretch and bend your body appropriately to release potential sexy temperament.Secondly, the walking posture should be kept elegant, coupled with a smile, a staggered look, and sexy.

Chapter VII: Interests of Lingerie and Body Health Care

In addition to improving our temperament, sexy underwear can also help our physical care.For example, hollow and mesh materials can promote the breathability of the skin, and the sexy lingerie material is very thin and will not cause excessive compression.Therefore, choosing a high -quality sexy underwear in this regard is nothing to the health of the body.

Chapter 8: Washing of Sex Underwear

Because the material is so thin, it is particularly important for its washing.We need to carefully read the purchase of the interesting underwear purchased and washed strictly in accordance with the instructions.At the same time, the material of sexy underwear is generally not suitable for drying. You need to choose to avoid direct sunlight.

Chapter 9: Scene Selection

Although sexy underwear can become part of the daily dress of women, we need to choose different styles of sexy underwear for different occasions.For example, in special occasions such as dating, wedding or dinner, you need to choose elegant and atmospheric sexy underwear.On ordinary office days, we can choose more sexy styles.

Chapter 10: Viewpoint: Instead of sexy underwear is the source of self -confidence in women

Each woman has her own self -confidence, but this self -confidence is easily affected by many factors such as our own shortcomings and social environment.And sexy underwear provides women with a way to pursue confidence, which can make women feel more comfortable, elegant, and more beautiful.

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