Why do boyfriend buy a messy sheet

Why do boyfriend buy a messy sheet

You may be a little surprised when you hear your boyfriend who wants to buy you a sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, we think that sexy underwear is only a feminine field.However, it is not new for men to buy sexy underwear and give girlfriends or wives.Why do my boyfriend buy sexy underwear?Maybe we can think from the following aspects.

1. To increase sexual interest

Boyfriend may think that a sexy sexy underwear will make his girlfriend more confident and attractive, thereby increasing the sexual interest between the two sides.In their opinion, women wearing sexy underwear will not only increase sexy, but also change the atmosphere and taste of sex.

2. In order to increase the mood

My boyfriend will also choose to buy sexy underwear to enhance the mood.Wearing ordinary underwear or pajamas alone cannot tell the love of her boyfriend, and sexy underwear can improve the whole mood and increase the romantic atmosphere.

3. To express love

Another reason for her boyfriend may be to express their love.It should be noted that buying sexy underwear is not just to attract girlfriends or wives, but to reflect his own mind and attention.

4. In order to increase changes

Another reason for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear is to increase changes.In daily life, the life of husband and wife is usually relatively monotonous, so the boyfriend’s purchase of sexy underwear to increase changes, which can not only alleviate the pressure of life, but also increase fun.

5. In order to try a new experience

Boyfriends may want to try new sex experience and feelings. They buy sexy underwear to help them achieve certain specific sexual pleasure.The boyfriend cares about his girlfriend or wife’s experience and experience, so he will seek various methods to enhance the intimate relationship between the two.

6. In order to make your girlfriend or wife more confident

Boyfriend may feel that his girlfriend or wife will feel worried and inferior because of his body and appearance.They think that the introduction of their girlfriends or wives to wear sexy underwear can make them feel confident and make them more pleasant.

7. Follow the trend

Because sexy underwear is a new thing in the market, her boyfriend may be guided to buy.Coupled with the promotion and promotion of movies, TV series, advertising, etc., her boyfriend knows that sexy underwear is a trend and fashionable item, so he will also try to buy sexy underwear for his girlfriend or wife.

8. To increase passion

The main purpose of her boyfriend to buy sex underwear is to increase the passion of both parties.They want to make some specific things happen and experience more fun and happiness in sex.

9. Gift gifts on festivals and anniversary

The season and anniversary are a good time for her boyfriend to send girlfriends or wife’s sexy underwear.This is not only a gift, but also an expression at a certain time and occasions. Sometimes, her boyfriend may feel that a sexy underwear is also a gift that can convey his emotions.

10. In order to improve the quality of life

One reason for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear is to improve the quality of life of the two.They believe that such an attempt is an investment in family life, husband and wife relationship, and a relief of family pressure, making two people happier and happier in life.


There are many reasons for my boyfriend to buy a lot of sex underwear, some of which are new things in this era, and some are to enhance the feelings between husband and wife, or to increase the passion between the two.This requires our understanding and acceptance, and supports what they do.

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