Why is it under the sexy underwear?

Why is it under the sexy underwear?

When it comes to sexy underwear, many people first think of its sexy and tempting.In many styles of sexy underwear, many can find the same characteristics: open the crotch below.There are reasons for this design. Let ’s discuss why the sexy underwear is opened.

1. Easy to wear and take off

The biggest advantage of the design of the open crotch below the sex underwear is that it is convenient to wear and take off.Due to the sexy design of sexy underwear, some of the upper part of some styles may have more details and decorations. If there is no crotch on the bottom, it will cause some difficulties in wearing and taking off.The design of the open crotch not only facilitates daily penetration, but also increases the sexy of sexy underwear.

2. Increase interest

For couples, sexy underwear is one of the essential props to increase interest.The sexy underwear of the open crotch below can make couples interact more conveniently and quickly in the process of sex, and can also increase some stimulus and teasing ingredients, further stimulate the passion and sexual interest between the two sides.

3. Convenient hygiene

The sexy underwear on the crotch is also more convenient and hygienic.For some women who need to change the sanitary napkin or perform private care, ordinary underwear cannot meet the demand, and the sexy underwear of the open crotch can maintain sexy and facilitate sanitary operations.

4. Convenient to go out

For some women, wearing sexy underwear out is also a short enjoyment.At the same time, when going out, it is also necessary to go to the toilet. At this time, the design of the open crotch is very practical.

5. Enhance sex experience

The fun underwear of the open crotch will not only enhance the confidence and sexy of the wearer, but also add new opportunities and experiences in the process of sex.The wearer can keep wearing in sex, so that the other half is more interesting and achieve a higher sex experience.

6. Technical convenience

For some people with a high level of technical level, the open crotch under the sexy underwear is also easier to make some difficult sex.While maintaining sexy, it also makes sex easier and smooth.

7. You can explore more

Although the sexy underwear of the open crotch is easy to think of sex, this is not all of it.In some sex life scenarios, women wearing open crotch -in -crotch underwear may be able to explore and try more, such as going to park, cinema or indoor entertainment venues.This is one of the reasons why the sexy underwear of the open crotch below is even more popular.

8. Increase sensory stimulus

For men, seeing women wearing open crotch underwear often allows them to quickly enter a state of sexual pleasure.This visual stimulus will bring more psychological satisfaction and add more stimuli and passion to sex.

In general, there are many reasons why the crotch is on the crotch under the sexy underwear.Different wearers have different needs and preferences, and the open crotch can bring more convenience and stimulation to the wearer.Of course, this also needs to pay attention to details and hygiene during the use of sexy underwear to ensure the effect and experience of sexy underwear.

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