Wind clearing heat pretending to be dirt


Sex underwear is one of the symbols of modern women’s charm. In recent years, it has received more and more attention and love.And the wind and the heat are highly respected.So what is wind and heat -filled underwear?This article will be revealed for you.

What is the wind and the hot -pretending to play with sexy underwear

Wind and heat -filled sexy underwear is a light and breathable underwear, which is different from the thickness and complexity of general sexy underwear.The fabric it uses is soft, light yarn and lace, making the wearer more comfortable and comfortable.

Style of the wind and heat -pretending to be sexy underwear

The style of the wind and the heat is simple, and the shape is fresh and natural.Common styles are bra, briefs, slings, stockings, etc.

The color of the wind and the heat -pretending to be sexy underwear

The color is simple and clean. It is mainly white, beige, light pink and other fresh colors.

The characteristics of the wind and the heat -pretending to play with sexy underwear

The wind and the heat are mainly emphasizing the beauty of "less is more".For details, you often use lace decoration and sharp design, exposing the sexy curve of the wearer, and changing the publicity and exposure of traditional sexy underwear.

Suitable crowd

Each woman has its own sexy charm. If you like simple, elegant, and natural style, then wind and heat -consuming sexy underwear will be your good choice.

With suggestions

Because the biggest feature of the wind and the heat is the biggest feature of "less is more", the matching is mainly simple.Wear simple jeans, white thin lace skirts, or see -through skirts, simple color matching, focus on underwear.At the same time, you can choose simple earrings, necklaces and other accessories, and do not force the charm of wind -clearing and heat -filled underwear.


The light and light fabrics of the wind and the heat of the sexy underwear need to be taken care of. It is recommended to use a soft method when cleaning, and washed separately from other clothes.Check the quality of the details such as lace when wearing to avoid wear or damage.

Brand recommendation

There are many brands on the market to produce hot and hot -loading sexy underwear, such as La Perla, Chantelle, ERES, etc.These brand design concepts are closely linked to fashion trends and high quality, ensuring the quality and fashion of underwear.

price range

Although the design of the wind and the heat is exquisite and high -quality, it is not expensive.The price range on the market is about 100-500 yuan, and you can choose according to your budget and preferences.


With its light, breathable, simple and natural design style, the wind and thermal underwear are becoming more and more popular and loved by women.It can not only show the charm and unique personality of women, but also make it more comfortable to wear.I believe that the wind and the heat are the mainstream trend of the future sex underwear.

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