Women’s erotic lingerie flirting pervert

Women’s erotic underwear is an important prop that modern women’s flirting and sexy props. They have a variety of types and fashionable and diverse. They not only meet the needs of women’s personalized choices, but also improve the quality of the sex process.However, some women’s sexy underwear has too much perverted properties due to design and style, which harms the physical and mental health of women and attracts social attention.This article will discuss the phenomenon of flirting and perverts of women’s erotic underwear, aiming to remind women’s issues that should be paid attention to when choosing sexy underwear.

1. Abnormal design elements

The perverts of women’s sexy underwear are mainly manifested in their design elements, including a large number of leather, metal, chain, rope and other elements. These elements are usually used in harmony, but if it is perverted in sexy underwear, it may cause causeFor physical damage, it is recommended that women carefully choose such design elements.

Second, too tight volume

Some women’s erotic underwear designers tend to design too tight sexy underwear, which makes the underwear a strong sense of restraint on women’s bodies, and the sense of oppression and severe pain brought to the body is self -evident.Women must pay attention to comfort when choosing sexy underwear, and should not pursue the effect of tightness too much.

Third, the risk of sexual organs exposure

The design of some women’s sexy underwear can inadvertently expose women’s sexual organs, which is very embarrassing and awkward, and sometimes it brings risk of miscarriage.When using sexy underwear, you must be optimistic about design elements to avoid harming women’s privacy.

Fourth, contain toxic items

Some women’s erotic lingerie materials contain toxic items. These toxic items may be leather, metal chains, rubber and gelatin materials.Therefore, women must be optimistic about material when choosing sexy underwear to ensure physical health.

Fifth, affect women’s endocrine system

Some women’s sexy underwear affects women’s endocrine systems, with breasts as the main damage parts.Excessive corset and milk stickers can block the lymphatic around the breast and breasts, leading to problems such as aging and breast hyperplasia.Women must pay attention to physical health and breast care when choosing sexy underwear.

Six, difficult to wear

Some women’s erotic underwear design is complex and diverse, and it is difficult to wear and use, making women feel uncomfortable.Interest underwear must be convenient for women to wear when designing, and the comfort must be given priority.

7. The effect of excessive stimulation

The effect of some women’s sexy underwear is too irritating, which damages women’s physical and mental health.Excessive stimulation may lead to increased pressure and anxiety of women, which in turn causes a series of physical diseases.Women should follow their psychological needs when choosing sexy underwear, and do not excessively pursue the effect of stimuli.

8. Improper methods will increase danger

When women use sexy underwear, they often need some alternative techniques or postures, which will increase the risk and difficulty of use. Pay attention to safety when using, so as not to cause accidents.

After the discussion of the phenomenon of flirting with women’s sexy underwear in this article, we can see that women’s erotic underwear can be a very interesting prop in the process of sex, but some sexy underwear has unreasonable design, inferior materials, difficulty in wearing, excessive stimulation, difficult to take.The issue of lowering brings great harm to the physical and mental health of women.Women should be rational and cautious when choosing sexy underwear, and fully understand the nature and materials of love underwear to ensure their physical health and sexual life experience.

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