Women’s erotic lingerie ranking


Women’s erotic underwear is no longer a choice between traditional restraint and comfort. Now they can cater to different aesthetic standards, physical types, and dress occasions, and become important elements that make women more confident, sexy and comfortable.In this article, I will introduce some of the most popular women’s sexy lingerie styles.

Cup -style sexy underwear

Cup -style sexy underwear usually uses hook -eye closed and thick pads to shape chest lines and enhance self -confidence.The popular styles include half a cup, one -third and full cover. They are suitable for daily wear, low -cut/front clothes and vest clothes.At the same time, underwear materials and flower types are also important aspects to show personality.

Tibetan sexy underwear

The suspender -style sexy underwear has become the first choice for many women with its beautiful lines and soft materials.They have the characteristics of light and comfortable. They often support their chests from one or more thin bands, and are matched with other accessories such as pants or lace mini skirts.

High -waist sexy sheet

The characteristics of high -waisted color underwear are the effects of abdominal and shaping. Wearing jeans, tight skirts and other clothing have a high lean effect.In addition, the waist and abdomen part of high waist -quality underwear usually uses elastic materials, which can not only comfortably wrap women’s skin comfortably, but also reduce unnecessary trouble.

Sexuality and Funny Underwear

Performance of sexy underwear uses thin and light materials such as gauze and hollow, allowing the skin to breathe naturally. At the same time, it shows the sexy curve of women with the right perspective effect.This underwear style is suitable for special occasions such as interesting evenings, romantic holidays, etc., making women more mysterious and sexy.

Local sexy underwear

Different from physical underwear and ordinary underwear, they do not divide the skin around the waist like a tattoo, but make them look like a tight -fitting bathrobe.Even the sexy underwear is often composed of suspenders, dresses, gloves, etc., and the dressing methods and occasions are more flexible.

Small breasts sexy underwear

If you need a sexy underwear suitable for small breasts, you can choose personal sports type and comfortable cotton underwear, and one -third of the cup with filling effect.Everyone hopes that they have plump breasts, but not everyone can achieve it.Women of small breasts can also create sexy curves and adjust themselves through sexy underwear.

Big breasts sexy underwear

Large -bodied erotic underwear is easy to bring discomfort, so the underwear of wide shoulder straps and cotton fabrics is a very practical choice. In addition, you can also choose the full cup in the cup style.In addition, sports underwear with a good support effect is also a good choice.

Meat -like sexy underwear

The characteristic of meat -type sexy underwear is that it uses good elastic materials. It has a certain shaping effect and has good comfort.They are usually composed of high elastic materials, which can comfortably wrap the fleshy body and make women confident and beautiful.

Body -shaped sexy underwear

The body -type sexy underwear is suitable for women who need to modify their bodies through clothes. They usually have the effect of abdominal leather stickers or make trousers tighter.In addition to the effect of modifying the figure, this underwear also has high fashion and eye -catching.


When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to consider many factors, such as our body, applicable occasions and personal taste.It is hoped that the introduction of the above -mentioned sexy underwear style can help women choose more suitable underwear in daily life, more confident and beautiful.

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