Women’s open stalls sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Women’s open crotch underwear is a very common sexy underwear. Many women choose it as their private partner.Not only because women’s open crotch underwear is sexy and seductive, but it has a good promotion effect on sex games.In this article, we will show you different types of women’s open crotch erotic underwear, and how to choose your ideal model.

2. Fish.com open crotch sexy underwear

Fishnet opening crotch sexy underwear is a sexy and strange choice.They are usually made of fine mesh, which is completely transparent, making the charm of women everywhere.The fish net fabric is light and soft, which can fit the body shape comfortably.When choosing this sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose the style designed according to your body curve.

3. Lace open crotch sex underwear

Lace open crotch lingerie is also one of the loved underwear for women.This sexy underwear is made of soft lace. It has the characteristics of drooping, rebounding and rigidity, making your body line look better.Lace open -crotch sexy underwear usually has rich accessories, such as bow, streaming, silver nails and beads, which make them look more design and texture.

4. PVC open crotch sex underwear

PVC open crotch sex underwear is a sexy and powerful underwear choice.This sexy underwear is usually made of PVC. They are not easy to damage and are convenient to wipe.Their design can be black or laser; soft or rigid.No matter what you want, you can find a suitable PVC open crotch sexy underwear to meet your needs.

5. Bring lace lace open crotch sex underwear

If you want more feminine choices, we recommend opening the crotch underwear with lace lace.These underwear are slender of lace lace, making you feel softer, elegant, and even romantic.Many open -crotch erotic underwear with lace lace is also a three -in -one design, which can complete bras, underwear and hanging straps.

6. Open crotch erotic underwear with diamonds

Open crotch erotic underwear with diamonds is another more noble and fashionable choice.This underwear is usually decorated with delicate lace, other fabrics and jewelry flowers.Their diamonds make them look more shiny, which is suitable for special occasions.

7. How to choose your ideal model

When choosing your ideal model, be sure to consider the style suitable for your body shape.For example, if your body curve is obvious, it may be more suitable for an easy -to -adjust or stumbling band to ensure the most comfortable fit.In addition, if you want to maintain an open state, you can choose to open the panties or G ribbons more practical.Finally, try to choose comfortable, good quality open crotch sex underwear, so that it can be used for a long time to avoid frequent replacement.

8. Summary

Women’s open crotch erotic underwear is a good choice to enjoy sex.No matter what you want, you can find a style that suits you.Don’t forget to choose items that are suitable for your body, and make sure you buy high -quality, comfortable open crotch erotic underwear.Enjoy this texture, smooth, comfortable, and stimulus, and it is also a very entertaining choice, adding more interest and challenges to your sex life, so that you can better complete your self -exploration and self -recognitionKnow.

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