Women’s sex underwear market research report

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear with special atmosphere, suitable for women with distinctive personality, vibrant and confident.In modern society, women’s sexy underwear is one of the very popular types in the market.This is not only because people pay more and more attention to their health, but also because the demand for sexy underwear is increasing.

market Overview

With the continuous development of society, the sexy underwear market has changed a lot.In recent years, the women’s erotic underwear market has grown greatly, and it has been welcomed by more and more women worldwide.At present, the global sex lingerie market has reached $ 7.5 billion.


There are many brands of sexy underwear, mainly European, American brands and Japanese brands.In the European market, there are mainly brands such as Lelo, Calexotics, Rocks-OFF, and We-VIBE; in the US market, there are brands such as Lelo, DOC-JOHNSON, and California-EXOTIC-Novelties.Factory and other brands.

product type

Women’s sexy underwear is very rich, including adult toys, sexy underwear, sex toys, etc. Among them, adult toys include massage sticks, vibrators, and jumping eggs.Interest underwear includes sexy underwear, sex bra, sexual pajamas, sexy bellybands, etc., which are also very rich in function and can meet the needs of different women.


There are two main characteristics of women’s sexy underwear. The first is the beautiful appearance and design. The color and style that women can choose are very rich. The second is its own special features that can help women improve sexual sensitivity and improve the quality of sexual life.

age distribution

According to market surveys, women of women’s sexy underwear are mainly women aged 18-45, but there are also some women outside of this range, which shows that the popularity of this product in the younger generation has continued to increase.

Channel analysis

There are many sales channels for women’s sex lingerie. At present, the main online sales and physical store sales.Online sales usually have a wide range of user bases and good privacy. At the same time, there are many related brands and products.The sales of physical stores can better understand the information of products and brands, and can determine the size and style more intuitively.

User evaluation

The user evaluation of women’s sex lingerie is very objective, and comprehensive evaluation is often higher.Because women’s erotic underwear is tailor -made based on the characteristics of women, it is more comfortable to wear and the effect.

market expectation

The prospects of women’s sex underwear market are very broad.Globally, new brands and new products are constantly entering the market.This shows that the female sexy underwear market will continue to maintain a growth trend.It is predicted that in the next few years, the scale of the global women’s sex underwear market will further expand, which will inspire more people to invest in the industry and further promote the development of the market.

in conclusion

The women’s sex underwear market will still have huge potential in the next few years.We believe that with the advancement of technology and the continuous changes in consumer demand, the sexy underwear industry will maintain high -speed growth, which also provides broad opportunities for companies and investors in the industry.At the same time, consumers will enjoy more diversified and personalized sexy underwear products and services.

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