World Sexy underwear


Many people think that sexy underwear is a kind of clothing, but it is not only a practical clothing, but also a reflection of charm.From stockings to lace, from restraint to indulgence, the back of the sexy underwear contains various cultures and history.In this article, we will explore the type of sexy underwear in the world, understand the cultural background and the precautions when wearing.

1. French sexy underwear

French sexy underwear is one of the most famous sexy lingerie, and is popular because of its unique light design.This underwear is often made of soft materials, lace and silk, and is often paired with high heels and stockings.What you need to pay attention to when you wear is not to use it for too much occasions or wear it with too tight skirts.

Second, Japanese style and sexy underwear

Japanese sexy lingerie is widely welcomed by Asian countries and is composed of deep Japanese culture settings.This underwear often includes elements such as kimono, hanging belt, style lace and peacock.When choosing and wearing, you need to pay attention to the overall color matching and natural lines.

Third, Western -style sexy underwear

Western -style sexy underwear is influenced by European and American culture, which contains various straight styles.Compared with other types of erotic underwear, Western -style erotic underwear has more demanding body curves.When choosing your own size and dress, you need to pay special attention not to "strangle or bare" yourself.

Four, fancy sexy underwear

In addition to glowing design and style, fancy sexy underwear also contains colorful tricks.This underwear often includes some heavy elements, such as sequins, silver foam, leather and metal.You need to pay special attention when wearing, don’t be too shiny or too exaggerated.

Five, swimsuit sexy underwear

Swimsuit -type sexy underwear is a perfect fusion of sexy and cute.This underwear is often composed of navel design and thin belt. It is often paired with elements such as sunglasses, hats and travel bags.You need to pay special attention when you are wearing, and don’t look too much.

6. Gathering sexy underwear

Gathering sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to make their breasts more full.This underwear often uses a special bracket design, which can make the chest more prominent.You need to pay special attention when you are worn. Don’t be too tight, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the body.

Seven, warm -up sexy underwear

In the cold season, warm -type sexy underwear can make you feel warmer outside.This underwear often uses thickened texture and sleeves to ensure warmth.When choosing, you need to pay special attention to the size of the body and the problem of upper and lower supporting.

8. Customized sexy underwear

Many sexy underwear manufacturers can now provide custom -made sexy underwear, so that you can be satisfied in size and style.When choosing a manufacturer and tailor, you need to pay special attention to his professional skills and credit.

Nine, theme -type sexy underwear

The theme sexy underwear is inspired by some movies, comics or games. This underwear can reflect certain emotions and feelings.When choosing and wearing, you need to pay special attention to the overall texture, details, styles and postures.

Ten, sexy sexy underwear

Sexy sexy underwear is the most common sexy underwear, emphasizing the curve of the body and the sexy appearance.This underwear uses high -quality fabrics and fancy, which can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm.When choosing and wearing, you need to pay attention to your own size and body curve.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a fascinating clothing, which contains various cultures, history and emotions behind it.When choosing and wearing, you need to pay special attention to texture and natural lines.By wearing sexy underwear, you can make yourself more confident and sexy, and you can make your own unique charm all the time.

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