Yang Mi Interesting Underwear and Underwear Picture Daquan

Yang Mi Interesting Underwear and Underwear Picture Daquan

Yang Mi has always been the darling of the fashion circle, and her dress has attracted much attention.As an Asian female artist, is Yang Mi’s private wardrobe also has sexy underwear?Today, let’s take a look at the pictures of Yang Mi’s sexy underwear and panties.

1. Try half -cup cup of sexy underwear (H2) bravely (H2)

Yang Mi appeared in a half -cup of sexy underwear when shooting a brand of advertisements. This underwear uses the combination of pink lace and black mesh. It is sexy and cute, showing her little woman’s style.

2. Black -cut -haired underwear show to show perfect figure (H2)

The yellow tight skirt with a black hollowed outwear, Yang Mi’s perfect figure showed nothing.The design of this sexy underwear cleverly uses hollow elements to show sexy and delicate charm.

3. Pink sexy underwear shows women’s soft side (H2)

Yang Mi wore a pink and sexy underwear, giving a gentle and pleasant feeling.This underwear is covered with satin and lace, and the details are very sophisticated.

4. Lolita’s style of sexy underwear shows a romantic side (H2)

Yang Mi has always shown people with a mature route, but this time I tried the Lolita route.It is eye -catching that this set of sexy underwear uses a blue and white stitching design, which accurately captures the ice cream color required by Lolita style.

5. Perfecting sexy underwear is full of wild side (H2)

Performing erotic underwear is a highlight in the world of sexy underwear, and the degree of sexy has risen straight.Yang Mi was wearing a black perspective sexy underwear and a very sharp coat outside, showing her wild side.

6. Elegant -making underwear outside the shirt is elegant and bold (H2)

White shirts with black sexy underwear, such a combination is very tested with excuses, but Yang Mi’s slender figure and bold sexy style played here.

7. Black stockings+black color sexy panties are exciting (H2)

The combination of black stockings and black sexy underwear has always been the favorite of sexy women, and Yang Mi also joined this ranks this time.Different from the general design, this erotic underwear is paired with a cute big bow, making the whole look full of girlishness.

8. Red Sexy Inner pants brave challenge (H2)

Although red color sexy underwear cannot be daily, it is a very good choice in special occasions.Yang Mi was wearing red and sexy underwear, and a noble and elegant coat on the outside, reflecting her confidence in fashion.


As an avant -garde actress, the sexy underwear worn by Yang Mi can also reflect her personality and temperament.Whether it is a lady -like pink or a wild perspective, she can accurately grasp the fashion trend and inject her unique style.