Yishan’s adult sex linger shop phone number

Yishan’s adult sex linger shop phone number

Yishan Road is one of the prosperous commercial streets in Shanghai and one of the gathering places for sex underwear shops.Many sexy underwear stores open branches here.This article will introduce Yishan’s adult erotic lingerie shop to provide convenience for you.

Yishan adult erotic linger shop phone list

The following is a list of telephones of Yishan adult sex lingerie shop:

Xxx sex lingerie shop: 021-xxxxxxx

YYY adult sex lingerie shop: 021-xxxxxxxxx

ZZZ Sex Emotional Fun Lingerie Store: 021-xxxxxxx

AAA Europe and the United States style underwear shop: 021-xxxxxxx

BBB wife sex lingerie shop: 021-xxxxxxxxx

Precautions for buying adult erotic underwear

When buying adult sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Size selection.Interest underwear is generally tight. It is recommended to understand the size of your body before buying.

Material selection.Different materials have different touch and taste, and you need to choose according to your preferences.

Style selection.Choose a style that suits you according to your body and preference.

The reputation of the store.Choose a reputable store to ensure product quality and after -sales service.

Yishan adult sex lingerie store discount information

The preferential information can be seen on the official website of the store or Taobao store. The following is a common preferential activity:

New users register to send coupons.

Full cash back or full reduction.

Great promotional activities.

Exclusive discount of members.

The brand and product introduction of Yishan adult sex lingerie store

The introduction of the common brand and product introduction of Yishan adult sex underwear shop is as follows:

Lejaby: High -end sexy underwear brands from France are mainly based on silk, lace and other materials.

Lelo: Swedish sex products brand, simple and stylish product design.

Ya Lida: Well -known domestic sexy lingerie brands, affordable prices.

Wacoal: The well -known Japanese sexy underwear brand is known for its comfort.

Honey Birdette: Australian sexy underwear brand, unique style and avant -garde.

After -sales service of Yishan adult sex linger shop

The after -sales service of Yishan’s adult sex linger shop is as follows:

Return and exchange rules: For seven days, there is no reason for returns and exchanges in accordance with national laws and regulations.

Quality problem: If there is a quality problem in the product, you can contact the after -sales service for return and exchange.

After -sales service: Provide after -sales consulting services to answer users’ consultation and questions.

Yishan’s adult sex underwear shop payment method

The payment method of Yishan adult sex underwear shop is as follows:

Online payment: Alipay, WeChat payment, etc.

Payment: Pay after receiving the goods.

Bank card payment: online credit card or ATM remittance.

Customers’ evaluation of Yishan’s adult sex lingerie store

The following is the customer’s evaluation of Yishan’s adult sex lingerie store:

"The clerk’s attitude is enthusiastic, and it provides good suggestions when buying."

"The quality of the product is very good, it is comfortable to wear, it is worth buying."

"The online payment is convenient and fast, the after -sales service attitude is good, and there are questions to answer."

"The environment in the store is clean and clean, and the shopping experience is good."


Yishan’s adult sex lingerie store is a sexy underwear store with a large brand and rich products. Relying on Yishan Road’s business environment, rich product selection, multiple payment methods, perfect after -sales service and customer praise, you will provide you with the purchase of sexy underwear.Convenience and confidence.

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