You can tear the sexy sheet

You can tear the sexy sheet

Interest underwear has always been a hot -blooded design, and the irresistible feelings have been engraved in our hearts.Among them, it is also a common design to tear up sexy underwear. Let’s take a look at its design and charm.

1. What is tear -to -tear underwear?

Tearing of sexy underwear is a very special design. It is a conjoined suit composed of a variety of different materials.The design of the entire underwear is relatively simple, but the special thing is that this underwear can be simply pulled into many small pieces.This allows enthusiastic couples to experience sex more creatively and increase sexual interests and interests.

2. Material of underwear

There are generally many materials used in tearing -of -sex lingerie. In general, the material must be softer, such as gauze, silk, etc.These materials are very comfortable and can easily pull off the different parts of the underwear.

3. Underwear style

You can tear the sex underwear consisting of two parts. The upper half is a combination of bra and small vest, and the lower part is a fitted dress.Between these two parts, there are many small buttons or strips of underwear, which makes it easy to tear off.Therefore, the style of tearing the sexy underwear is relatively single, but it does not lose other styles in terms of color and details.

4. The color of the underwear

In terms of the color of the underwear, you can tear the sex underwear to choose different colors and styles.Many people like to choose red, black, and purple to tear up sexy underwear as a must -have for sex. At the same time, some people prefer to choose more tender colors such as pink, tender green, etc.If you match the color and style, it will make you look more sexy.

5. Design details of underwear

There is a huge advantage in the special design such as tearing the sex underwear, that is, there are rich and diverse experience details in design.For example, some underwear will have special lace decoration and cutting in design, geometric patterns, and different shapes of empty design. Many details are to allow you to fully appreciate the unique sexual experience.

6. The difficulty of wearing underwear

Whether it is foreplay or sex, many people will worry about the difficulty of tearing the wearing of sexy underwear.In fact, don’t worry, because this underwear is simple and convenient.Under normal circumstances, first wear bra and small vests, and then wear lower body.After wearing underwear, you can find a thin band or button, so that you can take off your underwear conveniently and quickly.

7. Precautions for underwear

When wearing tear -torn underwear, pay attention to some important things, such as whether the material is suitable, not forgetting to wear underwear, whether the environment is comfortable, and so on.This can protect your health and make you enjoy sex more comfortably.

8. The use of the use of sexy underwear

If you use it for the first time, you can tear your sexy underwear, you can consider experiencing and cultivating first.For example, using a separate tie rope, try to pass the rope through the empty hole in the details, and then tie it to the body, so as to better experience the wonderful experience of tearing the sexy underwear.

9. The cleaning method of underwear

When cleaning can tear the sexy underwear, pay attention to choosing the correct cleaner and method, which can ensure the best cleaning effect.You can choose to use a neutral laundry or professional sexy products cleaning solution to avoid using hot water or scrubbing, etc., so as to avoid damage to the material.

10. Viewpoint

In general, tearing sex underwear is a very innovative design that allows you to enjoy the fun and experience brought by sex. At the same time, different details in design also allow you to find a lot of fun.No matter what you choose to tear your sexy underwear, pay attention to safety and hygiene, enjoy it!

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