You wear sexy jackets for me

You wear sexy jackets for me

Sex underwear is designed as sexy, attractive and teasing. Wearing sex underwear can enhance self -confidence and sexual attraction for women.In foreign social occasions, wearing erotic underwear and thin and sensitive wearing structures have become quite common. So, for those who want to try sex underwear, how should we choose a style and model that suits us?Here are some warm reminders.

Know your body and preference

There are many different shapes, styles and styles in sex underwear, and each person’s figure, preferences and needs are different. Therefore, you must know your body and preferences before choosing a sex underwear in order to choose the style that suits you.

Buy the right model

For sexy underwear, the model is very important.For breasts with high hardness, you need to consider choosing a stronger model, and you must ensure that you can buy sexy underwear that is suitable for your breast size.At the same time, if you are tall or easy to get fat, it is best to choose a comfortable and adjustable model to face the needs of body shape changes.

Color choice

There are no clear regulations on the color selection of sexy underwear, but it needs to be characterized by personal clothes style, skin color, eye color and hair color, and the inner personality needs to be made with meaningful choices.

Material quality requirements

The data is very important when choosing a sexy underwear. Some sexual underwear materials may make you feel very firm or stimulate the skin.When buying, you must choose materials with soft, breathable and technological guarantees, such as Silk, Modal, lace, silk, etc., to ensure the comfort and health of sexual life and daily wear.

Appropriate occasion or time

Sex underwear is usually worn in private places, so you need to consider it carefully when choosing an occasion and timing.At the same time, sexy underwear is not suitable for long -term wearing, too much time will suppress removal and have potential harm to the skin.

Pay attention to size issues

The correct size is important for the wearing of sexy underwear.If you choose a suitable model and style, but the size is incorrect, it will not only destroy your appearance and comfort, but also threaten your health.

Communicate with partner

If your partner has shown your wish to wear a sexy underwear, then you can choose to buy with him/her and express your own needs and feelings.Choosing the sexy underwear that is best for you can not only increase the taste in the marriage relationship, but also improve and enhance the communication and understanding of you.

Diversified experience

Finally, we remind everyone not to be limited to the same sexy underwear, try a variety of choices. Each sexy underwear will give you different experiences, and at the same time, you can also have different feelings and satisfaction every time.Can bring wonderful changes to your sexual life.


Interest underwear is an artifact for enhancing self -confidence, sexual attraction and husband and wife feelings.When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to understand our body and needs, choose the appropriate model and color, pay attention to materials and quality, choose the opportunity and occasion carefully, the correct selection size, communicate with the partner and try diversified experience.Only by combining all these factors can we buy the sexy underwear that suits us best.

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