Zhao Xiaomi sexy underwear latest photo


Zhao Xiaomi is a much -watched actress. Her charm and personality make her a popular star who has attracted much attention.And recently circulated on the Internet, her sexy lingerie photo has become the focus of countless fans. Let’s enjoy the latest photos of this series of Zhao Xiaomi sexy underwear together!

Black temptation

Zhao Xiaomi wore a black sexy underwear to show her sexy beauty.The black lace sketched her proud figure, and the small corset with high waist shorts was very charming.

White innocence

Zhao Xiaomi’s white sex lingerie shows her pure beauty.The pure white lace set off her smooth skin, full of tenderness of a woman.

Red hot

The red sexy lingerie was wearing Zhao Xiaomi’s body, showing her hot body.The red lace revealed her sexy and unacceptable temptation.

Pink romance

The pink sexy underwear brings Zhao Xiaomi a romantic atmosphere.The tight flat mouth design shows her perfect figure, and the pink lace set off her tenderness.

Deep V classic

The black dark V’s corset is a classic style of sexy underwear, and it is also Zhao Xiaomi’s heart love.It showed the beautiful curve on her chest, and also revealed her sexy side.

Semi -naked reflection

The reflection in the mirror is a unique perspective, which makes people feel excited.Zhao Xiaomi, who put on sexy underwear, showed his sexy curve in front of the mirror, which evoked people’s infinite reveries.

Mesh eye sexy

Net eye sex lingerie is a stunning style.Zhao Xiaomi put it on it, showing her sexy charm.The eyes of the net are warming up, and the colorful patterns are also extremely charming.

Swimming pool temptation

The sexy underwear by the pool has a curiosity of people.Zhao Xiaomi, wearing corsets and briefs, was easily comfortable by the pool, showing its own sunshine and outdoor charm.


A fluorescent sexy underwear is a striking dress.Zhao Xiaomi put it on it, it is undoubtedly the same amazing.This bright color highlights her beauty and sexy.


As a public figure in the entertainment industry, Zhao Xiaomi shows his sexy charm. It is normal.In this series of sexy underwear photos, she undoubtedly showed her beauty and charm.In such a high -pressure environment, it is indeed a very valuable quality to make yourself more brilliant.