Zhong Xinzheng and Cai Zhuoyan wear sexy underwear

Zhong Xinzheng and Cai Zhuoyan: The representatives of sexy underwear wear

With the development of society, interesting underwear is not just to make the body better and embarrassing, and more and more people have begun to use it as part of the fashion trend.Today, let’s talk about the style of sexy lingerie of two stars Zhong Xinyu and Cai Zhuoyan, and explore the secrets.

Zhong Xinyu: The perfect combination of fashion and sexy

Zhong Xinzhen attracted much attention with his tall figure and fashion taste.Her sexy lingerie style has both avant -garde and sexy, and has her own unique style.She often wore a sexy underwear on lace and tied a wide bow on her chest.This style of dressing is not only sexy and fashionable, and perfectly combines the characteristics of the two.

Cai Zhuoyan: Fresh and playful

Cai Zhuoyan has a fresh and pleasant image. Her sexy underwear is more emphasis on comfort and playfulness.She often wore a triangle trousers and vest tops on lace, and she can wear it freely at home or out.When she was worn, she emphasized the basic mix of underwear, but discussed more colors and tricks, kept a sense of freshness, and left a deep impression.

Selection of color and tricks

Different people will have different views on the color and patterns of sexy underwear.All in all, the choice of color and pattern must be determined according to personal style and needs. We must not blindly pursue fashion and sexy, and avoid excessive exposure and inappropriate matching.

The importance of size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is a very important factor.Excessive or small erotic underwear can cause uncomfortable wear and affect the effect of dressing.Therefore, when choosing a fun underwear, you must choose a size that suits you.

The choice and maintenance of the material

The material of sexy underwear is also very important. Generally speaking, it is best to choose comfortable and soft fabrics, such as silk and lace.In addition, the maintenance of sexy underwear is also critical. Be sure to clean and maintain according to the instructions to ensure the comfort and hygiene of the underwear.

Choose a style that suits you

Sexy underwear is a very personalized clothing, so everyone should choose the style that suits them when wearing it.Different age, gender, figure, and preferences will affect the choice of sexy underwear, and it is necessary to consider it according to its own characteristics and needs.Instead of blindly following the wind or being confused by others.

Underwear wearing and self -confidence

Underwear is a kind of self -confidence, which can enhance its self -confidence and exert its charm.When wearing a sexy underwear, you must have your own understanding of beauty, and you must also wear themselves with confidence.

details make a difference

The wearing of sexy underwear should pay attention to the grasp of the details, such as which color of underwear is used, the proportion and method of lace, and so on.These need to be explored and mastered slowly. Only by doing well in the details can we achieve the ideal dressing effect.


The dressing of sexy underwear is an interesting experience. You need to dig your own unique sensibility and wisdom. Through continuous attempts and exploration, you can find the best effect of dressing style and achieve the best results.

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