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Zipper Lian Sports Lover: Sexy and elegant

Zipper and physical sex underwear are a new sexy lingerie style. It combines zipper elements and conjoined design, which is both sexy and elegant.This article will introduce the characteristics of zipper -connected physical underwear, dressing methods, matching skills, etc. to help you better choose and wear this sexy underwear.

1. Features: sexy without losing elegance

The biggest feature of the zipper with physical sex underwear is sexy. Its design is more bolder than traditional underwear styles, revealing the sexy charm of women.But at the same time, the design of the zipper even the bodywear underwear is also very elegant. It combines sexy and elegant elegance and is a charming fashion style.

2. Material: It is important to choose fabrics

Choosing suitable materials is essential to wear comfort or not.Under normal circumstances, the fabrics used by zipper with physical underwear are relatively thin, so you should pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the fabric when choosing the material to avoid uncomfortable wear.Common fabrics include silk, lace, chemical fiber and so on.

3. How to wear: Step is simple and easy to learn

It is actually very simple to wear a zipper with a physical sexy underwear, just follow the steps below.First of all, expand the conjoined underwear, then lift your feet, pass it through the legs, and pull it to the hip position.Then, pull up the zipper to the back, adjust the position and shoulder strap length.

4. Pay attention to adjustment: It is better to ensure the effect

When wearing a conjoined underwear, some details are also very important.For example, pay attention to the position and length of the shoulder strap. After adjusting, you can better display the chest curve.In addition, the height of the zipper needs to be noted. Adjustment can better highlight the waist and hip curves.

5. Matching skills: Hundreds of changes are mastered

The matching technique of zipper with physical and sexy underwear is very diverse, and can be combined differently according to different occasions and images.For example, you can use high heels and short jackets to create sexy dinner styles; you can also use denim jackets and sneakers to create fashionable leisure wear.

6. Suitable for the crowd: Show self -confidence and not to be missed

Although the zipper is bolder, it is also suitable for female groups of different body types.For women who are confident and feminine, this is a very suitable underwear style that can well highlight their charm and confidence.

7. Maintenance method: special performance needs attention

Even physical and sexy underwear is a special underwear style that requires special maintenance methods.Under normal circumstances, it should be washed separately. Do not wash it with other clothing. At the same time, you should pay attention to the moderate washing method. You can choose to wash it by hand or put it in a laundry bag to use the washing machine for cleaning.

8. Buy suggestion: Select the right style of your own

When buying a zipper with physical underwear, you need to choose according to your body shape and needs.If you want to highlight the chest curve, you can choose a personal style; if you want to better display the waist and hip curve, you can choose the tight style.

Conclusion: The zipper is sexy and elegant, and is suitable for women with confidence and charming and charming. It is simple and diverse.However, special maintenance methods need to be selected when buying.