3p Wife Sex Place

1. What is 3P wife sexy underwear

3P Wife sex lingerie refers to a sexy underwear suitable for the social environment that is suitable for the three -player game. This underwear is mainly aimed at mature women such as young couples or "housewives mature women". It is a very popular type of sexy underwear.

2. 3P Wife’s sexy underwear style

There are two main styles of 3P wife’s sexy underwear:

Conjusational type: Conjusational sexy underwear is mainly connected from tops and pants. It is usually made of sexy tulle and real silk, giving a transparent and sexy visual effect.

Separation: The split -style sexy underwear is divided into two parts. The upper body consists of two parts: bra and body -shaping jacket. The lower body is composed of thong pants. The overall appearance of wheat color is added, which increases the taste and mystery.

3. 3P Wife’s sexy underwear color and pattern

The color and pattern of the 3P wife’s sexy underwear should be selected according to the characteristics of the user and the skin color tone. Generally speaking, the light -colored erotic underwear is suitable for fair skin, and the dark tone sexy underwear is more suitable for the skin deeper.People.

4. 3P’s applicable occasion of sexy underwear in sexy underwear

Applicable occasions are an important factor that you need to consider when choosing a 3P wife’s sexy underwear.The best choice is to wear some parties, gatherings or vacations, let your charm show.

5. How to choose the right 3P wife’s sexy underwear size

When buying a 3P wife’s sexy underwear, the size is a very important problem.Excessive size or too small will make you uncomfortable, so that you will not make you the greatest charm in 3P games.It is recommended to choose the appropriate size according to your own body characteristics.Considering that the service of sex underwear is offered, if the size is not suitable, it will not only affect the visual effect, but also allow users to have different degrees of discomfort in sex.

6. 3P Price of Wife’s Woman Love Underwear

The price of 3P Wife’s sexy underwear is different due to the brand and material. The cheapest sexy underwear is tens of yuan, while the price of the most expensive erotic underwear is thousands of yuan or even higher.The price is not the only decisive factor, according to your own budget and material quality needs to be selected.

7. 3P’s maintenance method of sexy underwear in sexual underwear

For women, sexy underwear is a symbol of sexy, which makes you more confident, but you also need to maintain good maintenance after use.Generally speaking, the 3P wife’s sexy underwear needs to use warm water and professional detergent for handwashing to avoid cleaning the use of washing machines, overheating water and sun exposure.When drying, avoid pressing and friction to avoid rough, decolorizing and deformation of the material.

8. 3P’s precautions for sexy underwear in sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points when using 3P wife sexy underwear:

Choose the right occasion and avoid being too public in public;

Underwear should be coordinated with the matching clothes, do not show the phenomenon of "dew -naked flowers";

Do not be too tight underwear, otherwise it will affect the visual effects and wear feelings;

The maintenance method of underwear should be mastered to avoid roughness, discoloration and deformation.

9. How to buy 3P wife sexy underwear

At present, there are many 3P wife’s sexy underwear brands on the market. Generally, they can be found in the Internet, sex products stores, fashion stores and adult stores.When choosing a brand, it is recommended to choose a brand with a high reputation to ensure the safety of materials, avoid stimulating skin or allergies.

10. Conclusion

3P Wife’s sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear, which can not only increase the sexy charm of women, but also play an important role in the three -player game.If you want to experience a higher quality of sex, it is crucial to choose the appropriate 3P wife’s sexy underwear.

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