Wu Xuanyi large -scale sexy underwear leakage leakage

What kind of sexy underwear is

Recently, Wu Xuanyi attracted the attention of netizens because of a photo wearing a large -scale sexy lingerie leak.Many people have speculated what this sexy underwear is like?

Definition of large -scale sexy underwear

First of all, we need to understand the definition of large -scale sexy underwear.Generally speaking, large -scale sexy underwear is designed for some full -bodied women.These sexy lingerie styles are diverse, but the most important point is that they need to be able to fit the curve of women’s figure and show a beautiful body.

The large -size erotic lingerie in Wu Xuanyi’s styling

From the photos of Wu Xuanyi, we can see that the large -scale sexy underwear she wore is mainly black and dark.This style of sexy underwear usually uses high elastic materials to adapt to the shape of each woman.

Design of large -scale sexy underwear

In order to allow large -sized women to wear sexy sexy underwear, designers usually introduce various elements that are conducive to showing their body curves during design.

Large -scale sexy underwear fabric selection

In addition to design factors, the choice of fabrics is also important.Large -scale erotic underwear usually uses soft and elastic fabrics, and uses a body to make each buyer put on a suitable size.


The wearing suggestions of large -scale sexy underwear are also different from ordinary underwear.First of all, you need to choose a size suitable for your own shape, and then pay attention to matching other clothing, such as wearing high heels, which can make your body look more beautiful.

How to choose a large -scale sexy underwear that suits you?

How to choose a large -scale sexy underwear that suits you is actually not difficult.First of all, you must start with your own body and choose a size that suits you.Then choose the color and style you love.The last point should be paid to wearing suggestions. With high heels, you can make your body more beautiful.

The market prospects of large -scale sexy underwear

With the development of society, the market prospects of large -scale sexy underwear are becoming more and more broad.As more and more women are pursuing health and confidence, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the comfort and quality of underwear. Under this trend, large -sized erotic underwear is accepted and sought after by more and more women.

The future development of large -scale sexy underwear

In the future, with the continuous development of technology and materials, the style of large -scale sexy underwear will become more and more diversified, the choice of fabrics will be more sophisticated, and the feeling of wearing will be more comfortable.We believe that large -scale sexy underwear will become more important fashion elements in the future.

Brand recommendation

If you want to buy a large -scale sexy underwear, the following brands may be a good choice:

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Elomi -International first -class brand

Panache -Suitable for big breasts, providing the most support

in conclusion

In short, large -scale sexy underwear can not only show the beautiful body of women, but also pay more attention to comfort and quality, making women more confident and comfortable.When buying, you need to pay attention to choosing a size and style that suits you, and with elements such as high heels to better show the curve of the figure.It is recommended that you pay attention to the above -mentioned brands.

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