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Dressed in sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear is a kind of behavior with special significance. It can not only make people feel confident and sexy, but also add sex and fun to both parties. Therefore, to a certain extent, having a set of sexy underwear also become a set of sexy underwear.Many people’s compulsory courses.So, what do we need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Understand your body characteristics

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first task is to understand the characteristics of their own figure. What style of sexy underwear is suitable for people with different figures is different. Therefore, we must buy underwear types that are suitable for their own figure.Your charm.

2. Determine underwear style

After understanding the characteristics of your body, you need to determine the style of sexy underwear according to your needs.Some people who need to modify the figure can choose the underwear with abdomen and hips, and those who need to increase the body curve can choose underwear styles with lace, texture and other decorations.

3. Buy comfortable style

Wearing erotic underwear is not only for the perception of others, but also for your own comfort.Therefore, when buying underwear, you must choose comfortable fabrics and suitable sizes to make yourself feel comfortable and natural, so that you can truly relax your mood.

4. Proper match

Although the sexy underwear is good, it is not suitable for all occasions. Therefore, before wearing it, you need to think about the occasion and whether it is appropriate to use it.benefit.

5. Boutique underwear material

Sex underwear also has certain requirements in material, and good materials can make underwear more comfort and durability.Common underwear materials are silk, lace, cotton, etc. Each material has its own characteristics. We can choose according to our own comfort, style and moment.

6. Suitable underwear size

A comfortable and casual underwear requires different specifications.To reach the highest level, it is best to choose underwear that is consistent with your body size.In fact, many lingerie that are not beautiful are caused by inappropriate sizes.

7. Exquisite details

A good sexy atmosphere, content and style are indispensable.Therefore, in order to make the erotic underwear very perfect, some effort is needed in terms of details, such as: lace edges, lace, inkjet characters, and so on.

8. If you want to buy a set or airplane cup

If you want to buy a sleeve or airplane cup, you should consciously choose to provide you with a safe brand and product, and choose a healthy and reliable type in terms of performance and sanitation to protect your physical health.

9. It is recommended to replace regularly

Whether it is underwear, sleeve or an airplane cup, it needs to be replaced from time to time.For example, the sleeve should be replaced after each use; the aircraft cup also needs to be cleaned with a sanator or a special cleaner, and replace it regularly.

10. In addition to sex experience, sexy lingerie is more important to interact

Although it is said that sexy underwear can make sexual experience better, but in terms of mobilization, more importantly, the interaction between the two parties.Therefore, after wearing sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to the interaction and communication between the two parties to make the emotions between each other more intimate.

Viewpoint: Wearing erotic underwear is not only to enhance the sexy feeling of the body, but also a enjoyment and intimate experience.If you can choose, comfortably match and pay attention to the interaction between the two sides, then sexy underwear will be an excellent sex toy, making our sex life richer and happy.