Zheng Shuang sexy underwear picture HD version

Zheng Shuang sexy underwear picture HD version

Want to show your more sexy side?So choosing to put on sexy underwear is a good choice.Zhang Heng, president and Zheng Shuang’s husband of the "Instead Underwear Branch" of the China Lingerie Association, has injected a new vitality into China’s sexy underwear market.As a "sexy underwear expert", this article introduces several sexy underwear shown by Zheng Shuang. The pictures are HD version.

Black trimming light sex lingerie

This black border is full of sexy and mysterious underwear, and is one of Zheng Shuang’s favorite.You can see that this sexy underwear adopts a gathering cup design. The top is inlaid with black sequins, which is more enhanced.The part of the underwear is designed with a T -shaped design, highlighting the hip curve, allowing you to show your perfect sexy figure.

Lace perspective underwear dress

This lace perspective underwear highlights Zheng Shuang’s multi -layered sexy charm.The hollow design is used from the bottom of the skirt to the top, which is very tempting.The underwear dress is equipped with a mint green ribbon decoration, which adds a bit of freshness. It is suitable for putting on a romantic night and leaving a beautiful image in the eyes of lovers.

White lace sex lingerie set

This white lace sexy underwear suit is simple and generous, decorated with delicate lace lace, so that you are full of romantic atmosphere while showing the sexy charm.The underwear design is based on breast shape, which increases the temptation of women.The perfect match for the set of tops and high triangle pants, which highlights the charm of women.

Pink erotic underwear suit

This pink and sexy underwear set uses a top design with its own hem, which can be freely adjusted to relax, does not compress the chest, and designs rainbow embroidery on the shoulders, showing a different charm.The triangle trousers use a tulle to show the perfect hip curve, which further enhances the sexy form of women.

Bronze sexy lingerie

This bronze -colored love underwear makes the entire set look high -profile.The uniqueness of this underwear is the choice of color bronze, which makes you show a unique temperament.Beads are embellished on the chest, and then supplemented by personal design, making you full of unique fashion and noble temperament.

Black velvet sex love underwear

This black velvet sex love underwear is made of velvet, which is warm and delicate, which adds noble and sexy.The underwear cup in the top is embedded with diamonds, which is more beautiful.The shorter conjoin underwear shows the perfect waistline curve of women to meet the sexy distortion needs of women.

Winter warm mood fun underwear suit

This winter warm mood fun underwear set design is warm and warm, adding a warm and romantic in the cold place.The top is decorated with rabbit hair, which makes you feel warm, or it becomes a gift to him by Romantic Valentine’s Day.The dark polyester bepen gives a strong sexy feeling, showing the perfect curve of women.

Fantasy White chest, lace, sexy underwear

This fantastic white chest, the ethical underwear reveals the strong girl’s heart and romantic atmosphere.The entire underwear uses a hollow design to show the perfect skin charm of women. The noble silk bands on the lace adds a sense of mystery and elegance visually, and perfectly mix romance and sexy.Essence

High waist stockings

If you want to maintain elegance and noble between sexy and charming, this high -waisted stockings are indispensable in the process of matching underwear.This stockings can effectively enhance the layered and sexy feeling of the waist. There is also a shrinkable design in front, making women’s leg lines more slender and slender.


The above are several sexy underwear shown by Zheng Shuang.Each underwear has its unique sexy and noble temperament, no matter which one can make women show their sexy charm.The postman is a personal aesthetic and demand. It is recommended to choose the one that suits you.