Fun underwear Play Fiction CEO

Fun underwear Play Fiction CEO


If there is no erotic underwear, then the sexy toys, without the embellishment of the sex underwear, the toys will be more monotonous.Because of this, sexy underwear has become one of the necessities we care about ourselves and enhance sexual happiness.In this article, we will explore the various practical methods and suggestions of the president of PLAY novels using sex underwear.

Understand the type of love underwear

First of all, it is important to understand the type of love underwear.The type of sexy underwear covers various uses and styles: sexy lingerie, daily sex underwear, role -playing sex underwear and so on.In response to the sexy underwear of the president of the novel, we can adopt a more sexy style.For example, choosing a hollow or transparent sexy underwear, this type of style can better reflect the charm of women and make the president of the novel never forget your charm.

Try role -playing

Role -playing is a good way to play the president of novels.Role -playing can enhance interest and add mood.You can try to play the favorite character of the president of the novel.For example, you can play the secretary of the president’s office, or the follower of the president.When choosing a sexy underwear, prepare for the role -playing and try to choose a sexy underwear that is consistent with the character.

Choose the right color

The color selection of sexy underwear is also crucial.If you want to make yourself look sexy and charming, then don’t choose too bright colors, such as orange or yellow.On the contrary, choosing dark erotic underwear can make you look more charming.

Pay attention to the appropriate size

The size is also very important, don’t ignore this.If you do not choose the right size, it will not only affect the appearance of the appearance, but also cause physical discomfort.For sexy underwear, the size may be a bit different, so you must pay attention to the corresponding size information when buying.If you are not sure of your size, it is best to measure it before trying it on.

Makeup is also important

Makeup is also very important for the president of playing novels.However, makeup is not just dressed in facial skin, but to achieve full -body beauty.After using sexy underwear, pay attention to matching the right makeup instead of facing the president of the novel directly when you pat the butt.Makeup can not only increase self -confidence, but also increase charm.

Set an atmosphere

A good atmosphere can make your President of Play more successful.You can place aromatherapy or candles in the room; put a box of chocolate or wine on the bedside.If you and the president of the novel are familiar with the boring stage, you can put background music, movies, etc. in the room.When the president of the novel came, revealed all kinds of beautiful small details.

Respect your novel president

Finally, remember to respect the president of the novel.If he/she doesn’t like to play some games or activities with you, he must respect his/her wishes.Of course, love is a common experience, and it is the most important thing to reach both parties.


Generally speaking, sexy underwear is a good and interesting tool that makes the president of playing novels vivid and interesting. Of course, it is supplemented by factors such as other makeup, candlelight, desserts and activities.Not cold machinery.

Pay attention to carefulness and patience; avoid anxiety or deliberate presentation.Express yourself, enjoy this process, and prepare for understanding and emotion.Happy play, good play.

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