Video tutorial of sex lingerie painting method

The first part: the basic knowledge of sexy underwear

Before starting to learn how to draw sexy underwear, you first need to understand some basic knowledge.Interest underwear refers to underwear for increasing sex and sexuality, including stockings, sexy underwear, bra, and so on.These underwear usually have a unique design and tailoring method, which can highlight the beautiful curve of women’s bodies.

Part 2: Preparation

Before starting to draw sexy underwear, you need to prepare some tools and materials.The first is a painting board and a pencil, which is used to outline and design of underwear.Followed by color panels and pigments, the color of painting underwear.Finally, you also need an experienced model to help you understand the design and structure of sexy underwear.

Part 3: Draw sexual panties

Interest underwear is one of the most common sexy underwear and one of the easiest underwear styles.First of all, you need to outline the outline of the panties on the painting board, including waist circumference and pants legs.Then fill the color, usually bold color combination and pattern design.

Part 4: Draw a sex bra

Interest bra is one of the most complicated parts of sexy underwear, and needs to be carefully designed and drawn.First, you need to outline the shape of the bra and the outline of the cup.Then pay attention to details, such as the design of the hook buckle and the length of the shoulder strap.Finally, fill the color and pattern.

Part 5: Draw sex stockings

To draw sex stockings, you need to outline the length of the stockings and the outline of the stitching.Then fill the color, usually smooth solid color or transparent satin material.Finally, add details, such as ribbons and lace edges.

Part 6: Draw sexual pants

Sexual jumpsuit is a popular sexy underwear that can show women’s beautiful curves.To draw sexual pants, you need to outline the outline and design of the entire pants.Then fill in the color, you can use smooth wool or cotton fabric, be careful not to affect its sexy.

Part 7: Draw sexual pajamas

Interest pajamas are pajamas that are suitable for women’s comfort and sexy.To draw a fun pajamas, you need to outline the outline and design of the pajamas first, and then fill the color. You can choose comfortable fabrics and bold colors and pattern design.

Part 8: Small details of sexy underwear

The drawing of sexy underwear should not only pay attention to large design and outline, but also small details.For example, the selection and matching of the ribbon, the detail design of the lace edge, and so on.These small details can improve the sexy and attractiveness of sexy underwear, and can better highlight the beautiful curve of women.

in conclusion

Drawing sexy underwear requires certain experience and skills, but by mastering these basic knowledge, coupled with innovative design and detailed drawing, you can easily draw various types of sexy underwear.Make women more beautiful and sexy.

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