How to cut in stockings to become sexy underwear

How to cut in stockings to become sexy underwear

Stockings have always been regarded as one of the symbols of sexy, even if they are developing to the present, stockings are still one of the common materials for sexy underwear.If you also like sexy underwear, but you can’t buy styles that meet your personal preferences in daily life, why don’t you consider making it yourself?The following is a way to cut stockings into sexy underwear. I hope to provide you with some inspiration.

1. Simple tailoring method

If you want to try to create some simple and fast ways to change your stockings, then consider using some small scissors.Just like the cutter or paper head scissors, small scissors can help you cut off the part you needed more easily from the stockings.

2. Tailoring method of front and rear balances

To cut out the balanced erotic underwear, you need to carefully grasp the use of scissors and the elasticity of the stockings itself.In order to cut out a balanced sexy underwear, it is best to choose a larger size than you actual, so that you can make it more suitable for your body shape.

3. How to cut stockings with zipper

The method of cutting stockings with zipper is a very special way, because this method cuts out some zipped areas on the socks, so that you can get more custom adjustments.Sometimes some zipper design can add a trace of sexy underwear.

4. Cutting of the front chest and back

It is very simple to cut out a piece of sexy underwear on the vest and chest; just cut some of the stockings that can be close to your body.However, when making erotic underwear in this way, please keep in mind and be careful to avoid cutting off the part you don’t want to lose.

5. Use cloth strips and lace

If you want to make a special or slightly formal sexy underwear, using some cloth strips and lace may be a very good choice.These materials can be cut easily and sews them on stockings.You can create different styles of sexy underwear that suits you according to different cloth strips and lace size and color.

6. Tailor prominent parts

Sometimes the prominent part of cutting is the key to making sexy underwear.If you want to show the "prominent" of a certain area, it is best to find the right place for tailoring, such as chest, hip or legs.You can cut them into suspenders or exposed shorts.Just use the appropriate scissors to cut the required size of the stockings.

7. Customized adjustment part

If you already have some erotic underwear that is not suitable for you, or is not satisfied with some parts of them, then cut stockings will be very useful to become adjustment tools.It is not limited to adjusting the puff, bibbars, and other parts, creating a style that is exactly suitable for you.The key here is to try more, so as to determine which areas need to be tailored and which ones do not need to be tailored.

8. Flexible use of color stockings

In the process of making sexy underwear, white, black, skin tone and red are usually the most commonly used colors, but if you want more creative elements, you can consider using color stockings.This can not only provide more color options, but also add some interesting patterns or theme elements to sex underwear.

9. Add accessories

Adding accessories to sexy underwear is a creative way that allows you to create underwear with more sexy and fashionable elements.You can choose to add lace, pearl, metal chain and romantic lace to make the sexy lingerie more unique.

10. The best tailoring tool

Although you can use home scissors to cut stockings, in order to better complete the work, it is best to consider buying a professional sewing scissors; these scissors can make you easier to handle small utensils and make your sexy underwear cut more tailoring moreeasy.

in conclusion

Whether you are a beginner who has just been exposed to stockings to make sexy lingerie, or an expert who is good at cutting stockings, creating your own underwear can always be an interesting and creative experience.You can personalize the sexy underwear that conforms to your taste by simple tailoring or adding some new elements.

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