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What is a sexy underwear vacuum?

Interest underwear vacuum, as the name suggests, is a vacuum packaging method that focuses on personal clothes.In the design of underwear, some specific styles such as tape underwear, shoulder strap bras or backless dress require some specially personal clothes to match.The vacuum packaging can better protect these personal clothes, which is not easy to be squeezed, and also increases the convenience of storage, reducing the space occupation space.

The advantages of sexy lingerie vacuum packaging

The advantage of sexy lingerie vacuum packaging is that it can better protect the fitted clothing.There are many sexy lingerie styles in the women’s market. Some styles need to rely on other personal clothes to cooperate with wearing. These personal clothes are often prone to squeezing, affecting beauty and comfort.The sexy lingerie vacuum packaging solves this problem and increases the convenience of carrying and stored.For merchants, vacuum packaging can also save storage and logistics costs, and increase profits to a certain extent.

How to make sexy lingerie vacuum packaging?

Interest underwear vacuum packaging generally uses common vacuum packaging bags or professional vacuum packaging machines.The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Choose suitable vacuum packaging bags or machines;

2. Put your personal clothes in the bag;

3. Use a vacuum packaging machine to draw the air in the bag to make the pressure in the bag greater than external pressure;

4. Close the packaging mouth tightly so that the inside of the bag will no longer be polluted by external air;

5. The heat treatment at the sealing mouth makes it seal better.

Precautions for sexy lingerie vacuum packaging

Fun underwear vacuum packaging needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Put your own clothes should be put in a clean and dry packaging bag to avoid being affected by humidity;

2. If it is manually operating, try to keep the bag as much as possible when the bag is sealed, otherwise it will affect the vacuum effect;

3. For those who contain accessories, such as steel trays, they should be packed separately after disassembly to avoid scratching and damage;

4. Before the packaging, it should be sorted out to keep it flat to avoid deformation during the packaging process;

5. When heat treatment at the packaging port, pay attention to the temperature should not be too high to avoid damaging the fitted clothing.

Under what circumstances need to be vacuum packaging in erotic underwear?

Under normal circumstances, you need to wear a sexy underwear that you need to wear.In addition, for some sexy underwear with attachments or need to be matched with multiple personal clothes, the use of vacuum packaging in storage and logistics can effectively protect underwear from being squeezed and worn.

Suggestion of vacuum packaging close -up clothes

When choosing a sexy underwear for vacuum packaging, it is recommended that consumers choose a suitable vacuum packaging bag based on the specific personal clothing style and materials, and operate correctly according to the packaging requirements.In addition, when storing or logistics, it is recommended to place and mark the content of the underwear vertically to facilitate management and use.

The market development prospects of sexy lingerie vacuum packaging

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, the vacuum packaging of the sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.When buying underwear, consumers will have more attention and purchase needs. In addition to styles, sizes, materials and quality, whether it provides vacuum packaging and packaging is also the focus of consumers.Therefore, the market prospects of sexy lingerie vacuum packaging are very broad.

your thoughts

Vacuum packaging is one of the commonly used packaging methods in the sexy underwear industry. It can effectively protect the integrity and aesthetics of personal clothes, and also facilitate consumer storage and logistics.Although there is a certain cost of vacuum packaging, it is still worth trying to use the credibility of the underwear to increase the service life of the underwear and also increase the credibility of the brand.At the same time, in the future development, vacuum packaging will be further improved and improved.

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