Sexy underwear can lift the chest

Sexy underwear can lift the chest


Interest underwear has always been a good heart of women. One of the most popular types is the sexy underwear that can be lifted.This kind of underwear can not only make women charming and charming, but also solve the troubles of many women.Today, let’s take a closer look at how to lift the chest in sexy underwear.

What is a chest lift underwear

Lifting chest underwear is a specially designed underwear category.The purpose is to increase or maintain the height of the chest, plump, and curve beauty through the adjustment of the bust.By using this type of underwear, women with smaller bust or imperfect shapes can get satisfactory chest curves.

Classification of chest lift

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The classification of chest lifts can be based on different design and functions, as follows:

Push cup -lift chest underwear

Coan -cushioned chest underwear

Gathering chest lift underwear

Drawing chest lift underwear

Push cup -lift chest underwear

The pushing cup -type chest -lifting underwear uses a hard cup to cover the chest, and the chest is squeezed up and inward, so that the chest forms a three -dimensional presentation method.This type of underwear is especially suitable for women with small breasts or drooping.Because the hard cup often has a sponge in the inside, this type of underwear can not only improve the chest, but also make the shape of the chest more beautiful.

Coan -cushioned chest underwear

The coasters of the cock -up chest are added with a sponge texture cushion in the position of the chest. The chest is improved through its special texture, making it look fuller and plump.This type of underwear is suitable for women who are inherently suffering from breasts, or breast atrophy after breastfeeding.


Gathering chest lift underwear

Gathering chest lift underwear, as the name implies, let the sides of the chest approach each other, so that it makes it look more upright and full of underwear.This underwear usually has a cross -shoulder strap design. One shoulder strap passes through the cup cover on the other side, and then buckled on the back.This cross method can push the chest to the middle, so that the chest looks full.

Drawing chest lift underwear

The brushed raise underwear uses special materials to create effects. The main principle is to use the elastic silk material inside the underwear, especially the chest, which makes it feel up, closes, and lifts the effect.This type of underwear is more suitable for older women, or women with less chest shapes.

Choose a Precautions for Listed Underwear

When choosing a chest underwear, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Choose underwear size according to your own body shape

Choose the right style

Understand the material and ingredients of underwear

Look at the degree of support of the underwear to the chest;

Pay attention to buyer comments

How to wear chest underwear

There are some details that need to be paid attention to when wearing chest underwear.

In which eye hook position is worn by underwear, it is best to try it and choose the most loose position to play a role in lifting the chest and easy and comfortable.

The position of the shoulder strap should be concentrated as much as possible, otherwise the chest will spread out and lose the height and beauty of the chest.

The underwear’s hem is too short. Too short hems can expand the chest and make the overall line disorders.

When wearing a chest underwear, you can also add a coat to cover the underwear, which looks more elegant.

Taboos of chest lift underwear

As a bras, as a bra, there are some taboos that need to be observed, such as:

Do not wear too long tight -fitting underwear for a long time to prevent blood circulation and health.

Do not wear too heavy chest -ranging underwear to prevent discomfort to the shoulders and necks.

Do not wear vertical stretching chest underwear, otherwise it will cause breast hyperplasia.

The relationship between chest lift and health and health

The benefits of lift chest underwear are obvious, but they must pay enough attention to women’s health.If the chest shape itself is good, you can choose not to wear underwear to allow your chest to breathe naturally.For women who need to wear chest lift underwear, it is best to choose some products with reliable quality, breathable material, and high comfort. At the same time, you must also master it in moderation to avoid negative impact on your health.


Lifting underwear is one of the essential items for each woman. Not only can women more confident and beautiful, but also adjust the chest shape and improve body lines.However, you should pay attention to the appropriateness when choosing and wearing a chest lift, so as not to affect your health while being beautiful.