Tearing of sexy underwear story


Sex underwear, a underwear with sexy elements.In the eyes of many women, you can feel your unique charm when you wear sexy underwear.Interest underwear can meet everyone’s peeping desire and sensual needs, moisturizing and inspiring your desire in your heart.

Newly purchased sexy underwear

On an ordinary day, I saw a very beautiful sexy underwear on the Internet.After a while, I bought this sexy underwear.The moment I got it, as if I had a naughty feeling.I can’t wait to try out sex underwear and find that it is really suitable for me.I took some photos and put down this sexy underwear.


A few days later, when I opened the closet, I found that my sexy underwear had been torn.I feel very angry and anger.I checked it carefully and found that my roommate torn it.She did not respect my privacy and torn her sexy underwear.My emotions at that time were difficult to calm down until I still remember that bad night.

Preliminary speculation

Is my roommate jealous of me wearing a sexy underwear?Or is she prejudiced to me?Or is she out of curiosity to destroy my sexy underwear?Many question marks are not suitable for me in this state, so I had to put it down first, calm down and think about it.


The next day, I communicated with her.She admitted to tearing my erotic underwear because she was in a bad mood and could not control herself.I expressed my dissatisfaction and privacy, and let her understand her wrong behavior.She also apologized to me and promised that she would never do such a thing.

Effect on feelings

Sex underwear may cause some unnecessary problems.In love relationships, the role of sexy underwear will also change.If you do not get the understanding and support of your other half, your emotional life will be affected.

personal privacy

Privateness is what everyone needs to respect.As a kind of underwear, it reflects people’s pursuit of a better life.This means that our privacy issues will be more.We need to protect our underwear and our bodies, which is an act of infringing on others and ourselves.

How to keep sexy underwear

We need to give more cherishment and protection for sexy underwear.So in normal times, we should keep our own interesting underwear.First, we need to pay attention to storage methods to avoid rubbing or squeezing with other clothes.Secondly, we should regularly clean up sexy underwear to avoid the impact of bacteria on us.Finally, we need to put sexy underwear in a damp -proof and ventilated place to avoid excessive exposure of the sun. After all, we need it to last.

What do you need to pay attention to when wearing sex underwear

Wearing sexy underwear, we must not only pay attention to feel your uniqueness and temperament, but also pay attention to the impact it brings.What if my sexy underwear is discovered by unwavering people?What if sex underwear is not appropriate on a certain occasion?When wearing sex underwear, we first need to understand whether it is suitable for people at this age and occasions, and always maintain good wearing etiquette.

Really beautiful

In the end, the erotic underwear brings us more than just beauty, but also the pursuit of self and life.Wearing sex underwear, we feel our unique traits, which will affect our lives and understand ourselves.Therefore, the true meaning of sexy underwear is to allow us to better understand and pursue the life we want.This is the real beauty.

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