The details of the novel’s erotic underwear description

Background introduction

The details of the sexy underwear in the novel refer to the novel writer describing the details, materials, and styles of underwear when describing female characters wearing sexy underwear.These descriptions often impress the readers through metaphors, suggestions and other methods.

Several common erotic lingerie styles

In the novel, the most sexy lingerie styles include:

Bra, underwear suit

Local sexy underwear

Decorative sexy container

Open Crotch Fun Show

Youth bra and panties set

Step panties suit is one of the simplest and most common sexy underwear.In the novel, the author can show the character’s youthfulness, cuteness, and freshness through a detailed description, such as the exquisite decoration such as lace lace and sequins to create an elegant and beautiful atmosphere.

Tight -fitting sexy underwear sexy unique

Tight -fitting sexy underwear is a sexy and unique charm of sexy underwear.In the novel, the author can portray the character’s personality, charm and mystery by describing the details, design, shape and other details.

Decorative sexy underwear luxurious and beautiful

Decorative sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that increases its artistic value through gorgeous and luxurious decorations.In the novel, the author can create a gorgeous, beautiful and charming image by describing the decorative details such as gems, drills, metals and other decorative details.

The mystery of opening the crotch of the crotch

Open crotch erotic underwear refers to sexy underwear designed with open crotch, such as T -shaped underwear.This underwear is very mysterious and can evoke the curiosity of readers.In the novel, the author can expand the mystery of the character by describing its amazing crotch design and special openings, and increase the dramatic nature of the story.

Portray the character’s personality and temperament

In addition to the description of styles and details, novel writers can also portray the character’s personality and temperament through erotic underwear.Such as wearing a simple and pure underwear to highlight your simplicity and nature; wearing bold and sexy underwear highlights sexy and enchanting characteristics.

Symbol of sexy underwear

In addition to being sexy and beautiful decorations, sexy underwear has certain symbolic significance.If the character is wearing red underwear, it usually means bold, lively, and passionate; wearing black underwear means its mysterious, dangerous, noble and other qualities.

Multi -angle description technique

When describing sexy underwear, novel writers can use a variety of description techniques.For example, through the first -person perspective, the true feelings of the underwear worn by the character can create an atmosphere of immersive background; through a third -person perspective, it can show the details of the reader’s unimaginable meticulous and unique description techniques.

Combined with the storyline

The description of erotic underwear should not be separated from the storyline, but combined with the plot to highlight the role of its service plot.Therefore, before describing, the writer needs to fully consider the relationship between the underwear and the plot, and deal with the relationship between the two in the description.

Moderate and reasonable

When describing sexy underwear, novel writers also need to pay attention to moderate and reasonable.The details, color, form, etc. described should conform to the character and temperament of the character. At the same time, it is not too bold and stimulated to destroy the overall aesthetics of the work.


The details of the fun underwear in the novel can not only enrich the artistic nature of the work, but also make the reader’s impression of the role deeper and three -dimensional.As an expert in erotic underwear, we can also better understand various styles and styles of sexy underwear through these descriptions, and have more suitable choices when buying.

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