The boyfriend is not wearing a sexy underwear

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The boyfriend is not wearing a sexy underwear

When you are ready for your sexy underwear to attract your other half, it is frustrating that he is not fascinated.This situation often occurs, so we need to explore this topic and propose some solutions.

1. Understand his preference

Before your boyfriend forced your boyfriend to wear a fun underwear, it is very important to understand his preference.He may prefer classic underwear and more conservative styles.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, consider his taste and buy the corresponding style.

2. Select fun underwear together

It is a good idea to buy sexy underwear together.You can choose the most suitable style together, and your boyfriend can know that these underwear you like, which is easier to accept.

3. Try to change the style

If you have tried some styles, you still can’t meet your boyfriend’s needs for wearing sexy underwear, then try to change a style.Some men like nakedness and exposure, while others prefer hidden and mysterious.Consider his preference and try to buy different underwear styles and styles.

4. Try to use sex toys

Sex underwear is not necessarily limited to underwear pants.When your boyfriend does not want to wear sexy underwear, you can try to use some sexual pleasures such as sex toys to mobilize his sexual desire.Through useful toys, you can discuss sexual topics more openly and gradually enhance your sexual attractiveness.

5. Create different situations

For some men, the situation may be more important than simply wearing sexy underwear.Creating a scene that makes them feel relaxed and interesting is a way to make them willing to wear sexy underwear.For example, you can camping in the wild, and enjoy the beautiful starry sky and the beauty of nature in sexy lingerie.

6. Improve your self -confidence

It may be that your self -confidence will continue to force your boyfriend to wear a sexy lingerie.Increasing your self -confidence can make you feel more natural and more attractive when wearing sexy underwear.If you feel uncomfortable or nervous, your boyfriend is likely to feel uncomfortable.

7. Don’t force

If you have tried all the methods, your boyfriend still does not want to wear sexy underwear, then please do not force him.Sometimes men have some doubts about sex, or sexual fantasies are inconsistent with their identity.This does not mean that he doesn’t love you or is not interested in you, so please respect his decision.

8. The most important thing is communication

Communication is the key to any issues in the relationship.If you want your boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, then talk to him, understand his feelings and ideas, tell him your feelings and ideas, and solve the problem together.

in conclusion

When your boyfriend does not want to wear a fun underwear, he must remember that this does not mean that he does not love you or wants to be richer with your sexual life.Discuss the reason, understand his needs and restrictions, and do your best to provide support and understanding, which is the key to solving this problem.The most important thing is to maintain an open and honest way of communication throughout the process so that you can create a healthier and better sex life in your relationship, and it is also a deeper understanding of each other.

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