The first time a male ticket bought a sexy underwear

The first time a male ticket bought a sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, I often receive consultation from female friends, but this time, I received a murderous problem: my boyfriend wanted to buy sex underwear for his girlfriend, but I didn’t know how to choose.The following is my solution.

1. Aware of gender differences

There are great differences between men and women. A sexy underwear designed for women is not suitable for men.Therefore, men’s tickets should start with men’s exclusive sexy underwear.

2. Don’t be cheap

Sexy underwear is very private. Do not buy low -priced sexy underwear for saving money.Choosing high -quality sexy underwear can not only show the attention of male tickets to girlfriends, but also ensure the comfort and health of his girlfriend.

3. Determine your girlfriend’s preference

Male tickets should have a preliminary understanding. It is confirmed to be a sexy lingerie style, is it full of sexy red or gentle pink?

4. Choose the correct material

Different people have different requirements for sexy underwear materials. Male tickets need to understand whether girlfriends are allergic to materials and whether they need good breathing materials.

5. Determine size

Determine the accurate size of his girlfriend, so as not to be surprised by the male ticket, the girlfriend finds that the size of the underwear is inappropriate, which will cause embarrassing emotions.

6. Choose some accessories

Interest underwear can be matched with different accessories to increase interest and change.Male tickets can choose some sexy necklaces, bracelets and other accessories to increase the girlfriend’s complete experience.

7. Choose suitable occasions

Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for different occasions, such as private parties, at night’s bedroom candlelight dinner, etc.Male tickets need to choose suitable occasions to make girlfriends more comfortable.

8. Refer to other people’s experience

Before buying sexy underwear, male tickets can refer to the experience of others, such as friends’ suggestions, evaluation of sexy underwear, and so on.

9. Don’t forget gift packaging

Give your girlfriend’s sexy underwear as a gift. Male tickets need to pack underwear to make your girlfriend accept more pleasantly.You can find some professional gift packaging services.

10. Make sure privacy

While buying sexy underwear, male tickets also need to ensure privacy and avoid unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

The above is a suggestion to buy male sex lingerie. You can customize the appropriate solution according to the characteristics of yourself and your girlfriend to show your maturity and gentleman style.

Viewpoint: Buying sexy underwear is not only a material transaction, but also an emotional experience. Male tickets may wish to add a sense of ritual in the process of choosing sexy underwear to make your girlfriend more relaxed and happy.

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