Transparent conjoined stall sex underwear

What is a transparent conjoined stall sex underwear?

The transparent connective opening of the sexy underwear is a sexy, hot underwear style.Compared with traditional underwear, transparent conjoined sexy underwear is usually made of tulle, mesh, lace and other materials, showing the body more tempting and sexy.This underwear is characterized by a conjoined design, and has a gear port in the key parts. With some sexual supplies, it can make sex more exciting.And transparent materials can meet the needs of women to show their sexy charm.

For those cases, wearing transparent conjoined sexy underwear?

The transparent connective open -gear erotic underwear is a bold and open underwear, which is suitable for special occasions and special moments.


1. Valentine’s Day: This is a good time to express love and romance. You can put on sexy transparent conjoined stalls and sexy underwear to ignite the fire of enthusiasm for the lover;

2. Celebrate the anniversary: The anniversary is the two people reviewing the past and looking forward to the future. Putting on a transparent connective sexy underwear can also inspire eroticism;

3. Party: When participating in the party, women can wear transparent conjoined sexy lingerie to increase their self -confidence and charm and attract more attention;

4. Fun life: Put a transparent conjoined sexy underwear in a venue of sex to stimulate erotic and increase stimuli.

Types of transparent conjoined sexy underwear

Sexy and hot -hot transparent connectives have a variety of sexy lingerie styles. From retro lace styles to modern grid design, they can be selected according to personal preference.

1. Film eye model: made of grid material, wrapped around the body, exposing a seductive curve;

2. Lace model: lace material is softer and smooth, sexy and elegant, showing the sexy characteristics of women;

3. Transparent models: fully show women’s body curve through transparent materials to stimulate sexual desire;

4. Retro models: incorporate classic lace, denim, leather and other elements into it, mixing unique retro fashion.

Transparent conjoined stall sex underwear color choice

There are many options for transparent connective sexy underwear, such as black, red, white, and other bright colors.Different colors can convey different temperament and sexy charm.

1. Black: Black is usually the main color chosen by women, because it will not only make women sexy charm, but also better highlight the whiteness of the skin;

2. Red: Red is the representative color of sexy and enthusiastic.Putting on red transparent connective sexy underwear will make the body more rich and enthusiastic;

3. White: White gives a sense of pure, elegant, and elegant, adding a fresh and elegant body to the body, and at the same time, it fully shows the beautiful curve of the body.

Transparent conjoined stall sex underwear size selection

The size of the underwear is very important, and we must wear comfortable, coordinated and safe.

1. Determine the size of the body: measure the value of the bust, waist, hip circumference, etc. When you buy, please refer to the product size table when buying. I believe you should be familiar with this;

2. Emphasize the body curve: The transparent conjoined sexy underwear is the best way to show the body curve, so it is necessary to accurately evaluate the body.Choose underwear suitable for your body size to be more wonderful.

How to maintain a transparent conjoined stall and sexy underwear?

Although the transparent connective opening of the sexy underwear looks exquisite and seductive, it needs to pay attention to maintenance and avoid damage to the underwear material.

1. Hand washing: The transparent conjoined stall sex underwear is easily damaged, so it can be cleaned gently with your hands to be safer;

2. Wash separately: Underwear of different materials and different colors cannot be washed together, which will affect the quality and color of the underwear;

3. Natural drying: Avoid using dryers to dry, it is recommended to dry naturally to avoid damage to clothes.

Transparent conjoined stall sex underwear matching method

The transparent conjoined stall sex underwear and other clothing can show a different style, revealing the sexy and intellectual atmosphere.If you combine jackets and trousers, you can show a veloche style; coupled with flared pants or high waist skirts, you can create a playful and intellectual and elegant atmosphere.

Transparent conjoined stall sex underwear purchase suggestion

1. Select the right size and material;

2. Choose your favorite color and style;

3. Select the transparent conjoined in sexy underwear of a professional brand, and the quality and comfort are guaranteed.

in conclusion

The transparent connective sexy underwear is a charming and sexy underwear. It is usually used for special occasions and interesting life. With other clothing and sex supplies, it can stimulate women’s sexual desire and stimulus.When choosing to buy a transparent conjoined sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your size, materials and brands to ensure that the material is worth it and show your sexy charm.

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