Transparent sexy underwear see milk

Transparent sexy underwear see milk

Transparent sexy underwear is a popular type in the market in recent years.Compared with traditional sexy underwear, transparent sexy underwear is more visual impact and sexy, so it is loved by female friends.The most representative of them is that the lines and curves of women’s bodies can be displayed through transparent fabrics, thereby making underwear more visual impact.So, how to avoid embarrassment when wearing transparent sexy underwear?This article explains how to wear transparent erotic lingerie from multiple aspects.

1. Understand your figure

Wearing transparent erotic underwear does not make every woman be sexually moving. This is not because of the problem of transparent erotic underwear itself, but because the underwear is suitable for her own figure.Therefore, before choosing whether to choose transparent sexy underwear, first understand your body type and the part you want to show.

2. Select the right size

When choosing a transparent sexy underwear, you must choose the correct size. The appropriate underwear not only makes your body more prominent, but also makes your body more linear.Especially women with big breasts must not choose small size, otherwise they will feel very uncomfortable when they are worn.

3. Incorporate transparent sex lingerie

If you want to wear transparent erotic underwear, but do not want the whole person to be exposed to the public, you can consider using transparent erotic underwear as the inner layer. A relatively reliable dress can improve the overall fashionability.And can be worn as daily.

4. Selection of accessories

Transparent erotic underwear may have a great effect, but if it is not properly matched, it is easy to make your dressing look very low. Therefore, you can choose some bright or good texture jewelry to match it, which can be more able to be moreGood improvement of your overall sense of fashion.

5. Choose the right occasion

Transparent erotic underwear is not suitable for all occasions. For example, some formal gatherings or business meetings. Wearing transparent erotic underwear may cause you to lose some dignity. Therefore, you need to consider carefully.

6. Pay attention to the material of transparent sexy underwear

When wearing transparent erotic underwear, the material is also one of the factors that need to be considered.If you choose a cheap and rough material, it may cause transparent erotic underwear to be too transparent and breathable, which will lose the decorative effect.

7. The matching of transparent sexy underwear

The matching of transparent sexy underwear also needs to be considered well, such as a short skirt or shorts for matching.When wearing a transparent sexy underwear, you must always pay attention to the feel and color of the entire match. Only in this way can we perfectly wear transparent sexy underwear.

8. Confidence is the best "good medicine"

When wearing transparent sexy underwear, you must have enough confidence to cooperate with the decorative effect of transparent sexy underwear.Confident women not only wear more beautiful and charming, but also have irreplaceable temperament.


Wearing transparent erotic underwear is not only a charming figure and clothing, but also a confidence, open -minded and personality. This is the revelation of the real transparent sexy underwear.

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