Transparent Republic of China cheongsam sex underwear

Introduce the transparent cheongsams of the Republic of China to sexy underwear

The transparent cheongsam erotic underwear is a very classical sexy underwear. It uses the cheongsam design elements of the Republic of China and combines transparent materials to create an atmosphere of elegance and sexy coexistence.

Material and fabric

The material of the transparent cheongsam of the Republic of China is usually a transparent lace, yarn and silk fabric.The texture of these fabrics is extremely soft and comfortable, and the curve of the body is perfectly matched, allowing women to exude unparalleled sexy charm.

Color and style

The color of transparent cheongsam sexy underwear usually uses black, white, red and other colors.The design of the cheongsam style, the red lip -shaped collar structure, is beautiful and round.The lace lace design is added to the bottom of the cheongsam, which is more charming.

Use occasion

The transparent cheongsam of the Republic of China is suitable for various occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday party, and singles, allowing women to exude different sexy charm when celebrating festivals or special occasions.

Way of matching

The transparent cheongsam sexy underwear can be paired with different clothing to achieve different effects.If you want to participate in a party, you can pair with a short lotus leaf -edged dress to make you more sexy and charming.If you want to spend a romantic night at home, you can use a lace -edge nighttime to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Maintenance of transparent cheongsams in the Republic of China can be washed with cold water hands to avoid using bleach and powerful cleaners.After drying, you can disinfect with lavender essential oils to make the underwear more fresh and softer.


When buying a transparent cheongsam sexy underwear, choose regular brands and merchants to ensure the quality and materials of underwear.At the same time, choose the appropriate size according to your physical characteristics and needs to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the underwear.

Sexy Charm Show

With its elegant, gorgeous, and sexy design of the transparent cheongsam underwear, women show their sexy charm, showing women’s unique personality at the same time without losing elegance.

The cultural value of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a representative of sexy and style, but also a cultural display and inheritance.The transparent cheongsam of the Republic of China is incorporated into the traditional Chinese cheongsam element, and the modern sexy elements are added to make underwear more in line with the trend and aesthetics of the times.The fusion of these elements not only expresses women’s pursuit of beauty, but also a cultural heritage and innovation.


The transparent cheongsam of the Republic of China is an elegant, noble, and sexy underwear design, and is one of the classics in the development of sexy underwear.It not only integrates traditional cultural elements, but also integrates future fashion and trends, allowing women to exude unlimited sexy charm.

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