Use a rope to make sexy underwear

Use a rope to make sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a accelerated presence of heartbeat. However, if you want to try some unusual practices, why not consider making sexy underwear yourself?This article will introduce how to use ropes to make sexy underwear.let’s start!

1. Understand the type of rope

Before making sexy underwear, you first need to understand the type of rope.Generally speaking, ropes are divided into many types, such as grass ropes, wire ropes, cotton ropes, belt ropes, etc.When making sexy underwear, it is recommended to use soft and easy to adjust delicate ropes to better adapt to the body.

2. Select the correct color

Color is part of sexy underwear, which is the same for ropes.Some people like to use conspicuous colors, such as bright red or pink, while others prefer dark or neutral.It is best to choose the right color according to your preference.

3. Reduce the rope friction

The rope has a stimulating effect on the skin, and it is easy to produce friction in sensitive parts such as pubic hair.To reduce this stimulus, you can add a layer of soft cotton to the rope hook, which can reduce unnecessary stimuli.

4. Consider the design style

When making sexy underwear, you also need to consider the design style.For example, some people like to use a single rope to make a BDSM style, some people prefer to woven more complex shapes and patterns by themselves, and some people want to design a more emotional structure.

5. Learning to binding method

It is important to learn the correct binding method when making a self -made underwear.Some basic binding methods include: shoulder straps, fork hips, etc.In order to better protect and adapt to the body, it is best to choose several different binding methods to try.

6. Focus on safety

Safety is the most important -don’t be injured by carelessness when making and wearing sexy underwear.Use a safe rope and correctly use the binding method to avoid unnecessary stimulation and friction, and then move carefully when wearing a sexy lingerie to avoid friction and damage.

7. Adapt to different body shapes

Everyone’s body has different characteristics, so when making sexy underwear, you need to adapt to different body shapes.If you want to customize, you can adjust according to your own needs and characteristics. For the ready -made templates of reference, it is best to choose a relatively close style of your body to avoid unnecessary attempts and errors.

8. Keep cleaning

Keeping cleaning is particularly important for sexy underwear.Use soapy water or other disinfectant to disinfect the rope to ensure that keep it clean and tidy.After each use, remember to wash and clean.

in conclusion

Making sexy underwear can make your sexual life more diverse, and it can also stimulate and improve your personal ability, but you also need to pay attention to security issues.By understanding the type of rope, choosing the correct color, reducing friction, design style, learning binding, focusing on safety, adapting to different body shapes and keeping clean, you can make personalized, comfortable, and safe sexy underwear, bringing you moreHow fun.

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