Wear sex underwear latex

Wear sex underwear latex

Interest underwear latex is a very popular sexy underwear. It has many different styles, including rubber, rubber pants, rubber socks and other accessories.Before wearing a sexy underwear latex, there are some things to pay attention to.This article will introduce you to the precautions and how to wear it correctly.

Precautions before wearing sex underwear latex

1. Determine your own size

The latex material is very tight. It is generally recommended to choose a size but not a trace.Excessive latex erotic underwear may put pressure on the skin and cause discomfort or allergies.To measure the waist, bust, and hips, and then use the size table of the latex lingerie brand to find the size that is suitable for you.

2. Avoid long -term wear

Wearing sexy underwear latex can cause skin allergies and discomfort, so don’t wear it for too long in the same posture. It is best to change your posture every 2-3 hours or pick it up to relax.

3. Make sure the body is dry

Before wearing sexy underwear latex, make sure your body is dry, especially under the armpit and the inside of the thigh.When wearing it, avoid too much sweat to enter the sex underwear.

Putting on sexy underwear latex correctly

1. Use lubricant

The material of sexy underwear latex is more difficult to wear. Use lubricants can make you easier to put on sexy underwear.However, please note that you can only use water -based lubricants or special lubricants prepared for latex materials, and do not use oily lubricant, because oily lubricants will destroy the latex material.

2. Slowly wear

Latex erotic underwear may be tight, so you should wear it slowly and advance a little bit.When wearing, you can pull around the sexy underwear to avoid damage to it.

3. Adjust the appropriate posture

The correct posture can make you more comfortable to wear sexy underwear latex.In general, you can first spread the cuffs, pants or necklines of the sexy underwear, and then put one arm or one foot in, stretch it a little bit in an easy case.

4. warm water cleaning

After wearing fun underwear latex, it should be cleaned with warm water and some special cleaning solution, laundry powder, etc. After the cleaning is completed, it should be dried and kept in a cool and dry place.

5. Store in gloves

Fun underwear latex must be stored in a cool and dry place.Avoid exposure to the sun, do not let the sexy underwear latex contact with his erotic underwear.Collecting sex underwear latex in a plastic bag or glove can effectively prevent it from contacting other items and damage the latex sex underwear.


Wearing sex underwear latex may not be suitable for everyone, but if you want to try, you can take the above precautions and methods to gradually try to wear.In the process of dressing, we must maintain full patience and soberness, and pay attention to details to better enjoy the fun brought by sexy underwear.

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