Wait for sexy underwear to buy back

Washing method of sexy underwear

Many people have such a question after buying sexy underwear: Do I need to wash them again?The answer is yes.Whether it is a new or second -hand sexy underwear, it should be cleaned before wearing.Here are some ways to wash sexy underwear.

Differential material

First of all, it is very important to understand the material of different erotic underwear.Some underwear are made of silk or lace, which requires hand washing, and others may be cleaned in washing machines.Therefore, when buying underwear, it is best to view the label to get the washing instructions.

Hand washing or machine washing?

For sexy underwear that requires hand washing, use cold water and mild cleaner for washing.Soak the underwear in the water for a while, and then gently wash it with your hands.Finally, rinse and squeeze it with water.For sexy underwear that can be put in the washing machine, put it in a laundry bag, and use a mild mode for washing.

Natural material sexy underwear

For sexy underwear made of natural materials, such as silk, it is recommended to avoid using soft or bleaching agents.These agents will weaken the texture of the silk and affect their wear effect.

Be wary of color fades

In addition, for sexy underwear that needs to be cleaned multiple times, some colors may gradually fade.If you don’t want the color of the sexy underwear to fade, you can add some white vinegar when washing.White vinegar can maintain the brightness of the color and remove the bacteria on the surface of the clothes at the same time.

Wash separately

Similar to other clothing, sexy underwear is best washed with other underwear with other colors.After washing, you can dry it or put it in a dryer machine for drying.If you use a dry clothing machine, select a mild drying mode to avoid damage to sex underwear.

Maintain the integrity of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear needs to be cleaned frequently, too much cleaning may also cause the texture or shape of sex underwear to be damaged.Therefore, try to reduce the number of sexy underwear to maintain its integrity.

Details to protect sex underwear

For sexy underwear with decoration or details, it is best to wash it in hand.This will ensure that all jewelry and decoration can be maintained.In addition, if you wear a special tight sexy underwear, please avoid excessive power to details or decoration.

Do not share sexual sheets

Finally, try to avoid sharing sex underwear with others to prevent sexual dissemination of diseases or other health problems.


Buying sexy underwear is a pleasant experience, but you must pay attention to maintaining hygiene and cleaning.Through correctly washing sexy underwear and obeying appropriate first aid guidelines, it can ensure health and safety while ensuring the romantic sense of sexy underwear.

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