Wearing a sexy lingerie bed scene

Wearing a sexy lingerie bed scene

Sex underwear is a special costume for sex. It can improve sexual interest and shape sexy image.More and more people start to pay attention to wearing sexy underwear beds. Here are some details that you need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear, and the skills of wearing sexy underwear for bed scenes.

Select details that you need to pay attention to sex underwear you need to pay attention to

Material selection

The primary condition for choosing sexy underwear is the material. You must choose materials with good skin -friendly and good breathability.It is recommended to buy a sexy underwear in cotton or silk texture to avoid purchasing fiber underwear because they will bring discomfort to the private parts.

Color and style

Choosing the right color and style can show different personalities.To choose according to your skin tone, body and personality, you can choose sexy colors such as black, red, purple, or choose a close -fitting style to highlight the body curve.

size selection

Pay attention to the selection of the size of the sizes in a sexy lingerie. Choosing the right size will make you feel more comfortable and can also protect your health.It is recommended to choose sexy underwear according to your actual size, and do not blindly pursue large size or small size.

The skills of wearing sexy underwear for bed scenes

Adjust the wear posture

After wearing a sexy underwear, adjust the posture to make yourself feel more confident and comfortable.You can choose to raise your pants a little, make the hip curve more beautiful, or adjust the bra to the best effect.

boost self-confidence

While wearing a sexy lingerie bed, pay attention to enhancing self -confidence and make yourself more confident and beautiful.You can try to swing in front of the mirror, challenge your own limit, and make yourself feel more confident.

Use flirting skills

When performing bed scenes, you must use flirting skills to make yourself more sexy and charming. At the same time, you must pay attention to the feelings of your lover and make your best to satisfy each other.You can use some eye communication, caressing, kissing, etc. to flirt.

Creative situation

When wearing sexy underwear on the bed, you can also create some unique situations, such as candles dinner, massage, etc., so that you and your lover will relax your body and mind and enjoy the process of sex.

Respect each other

When performing bed scenes, we must respect the needs and feelings of the other party, establish a good communication mechanism, and make sex more harmonious and beautiful.

Precautions for sexy underwear bed scenes

keep clean

Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after wearing a sexy lingerie bed, maintain hygiene, and avoid breeding bacteria and spreading diseases.

Don’t wear too much

Although the sexy underwear is beautiful and charming, don’t wear it too much. Long -term wear will cause certain harm to private health and physical health.

my point of view

Sexy underwear can increase sexual interest and make sex better.However, you need to pay attention to details when wearing and using sexy underwear, maintain hygiene, respect each other, and avoid damage to the body.At the same time, we must also pay attention to enhancing self -confidence, so that you and your lover can enjoy the happiness of sex.

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