Weng Hong’s Fun Underwear Picture


Weng Hong is a famous Hong Kong artist and a "San Francisco Huadan" who has become popular in the 1980s.In her career, she won the love and pursuit of everyone with her unique temperament and sexy image.

Today, we will talk about Weng Hong’s sexy underwear pictures and introduce her style and charm of her sexy underwear.

Sexy lace sexy underwear

Weng Hong once appeared in a black lace sexy underwear, showing charming and gorgeous.This sexy underwear uses black lace lace, which perfectly interprets sexy charm.

Black band sexy underwear

In Weng Hong’s sexy underwear photos, there is a photo of her wearing a black strap sexy underwear, which exudes the sexy and mysterious woman of a woman.The design of the camisole connects the shoulder strap with the bra, plus black silk fabric, which makes people feel the perfect combination of elegance and sexy.

Sequenant sexy underwear

In another picture of Wenghong’s sexy underwear, she wore a golden sequin erotic underwear and was extremely luxurious.This sexy underwear is made of shiny sequins, which perfectly shows her graceful figure.

Red lace sexy underwear

In daily life, Weng Hong will also choose to wear sexy underwear to make himself more confident and beautiful.Among them, a red lace sexy underwear she used to be wore was particularly noticeable.This sexy underwear uses bright red silk fabrics and large -area lace stitching, and at the same time adds a perspective design to show her sexy and beauty.

Copper color sex sheet

In another picture of Weng Hong wearing a sexy underwear, she chose to wear a bronze sexy underwear.This underwear is designed with metal wire, inspired by precious bronze wares from the Renaissance in Italy, showing a luxurious and noble temperament.

Leather sex underwear

Weng Hong has also experienced the charm of leather and sexy underwear, showing a sense of tough and personalized.This underwear is made of leather, which perfectly combines sexy and avant -garde in the lines of black and silver.

Black perspective sexy underwear

Black perspective erotic underwear is also Weng Hong’s heart. This style can perfectly combine its sexy and mysterious.Performing fabrics and black design more interpret her sexy and unique temperament.

Pink color sexy underwear

In a live performance, Weng Hong wore a pink sexy underwear, showing her sweetness and cuteness.The pink satin fabric and a large area of lace stitching made her even more delicate.

Black Net Eyes Fun Planets

Black net -eye sex lingerie is a stylish and sexy new gameplay. This design can combine sexy and rebellion.Weng Hong once wore such sexy underwear, sexy and rebellious, and subverted the routine.

Point of view

In short, Weng Hong is a charming and luxurious artist. She is wearing a sexy underwear and leads the fashion trend of the 1990s.As a special underwear for women, sexy underwear can collide with different sexy sparks, bringing unlimited temptation and surprises.

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