What does Taobao sex underwear store sell

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, romantic and vivid women’s underwear. It usually consists of bikinis, thongs, marksless underwear, bra, and bras. Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear emphasizes sexy and irritating. The design is more personalized in design., Fashion, sexy, romantic and artistic.

What are the types of products in Taobao sex underwear stores?

There are many types of sexy underwear shops on Taobao, covering most of women’s underwear products, such as: sexual feelings, sexy lingerie sets, sex stockings, underwear, bra, bikini, thongs, vests, hanging socks, pajamas, etc.At the same time, sexy underwear shops will also launch seasonal or special series products, such as Christmas sex underwear and Valentine’s lingerie.

What are the fabrics of sexy underwear?

The fabrics of sexy underwear are based on the principles of comfort, lightness, breathable, soft, and comfortable. Common fabrics are: lace, silk, linen, cotton, fiber, etc.Among them, the sexy underwear with lace as the main fabric is lingering and full of feminine charm.

What are the styles of sexy underwear jackets?

The sexy underwear suit is one of the signature products of sex lingerie stores.They have a variety of styles, styles, and color matching. They are common three -point, stitching, and hollow types.Three -point sexy underwear suits generally include bra, straps, and thongs; splicing sexy underwear suits are often spliced from lace, gauze nets and other materials; hollowed out sexy underwear suitsA wonderful beauty.

What are the types of sex stockings?

Sex stockings are often used as a subsidiary of sexy underwear suits, and there are many types: mesh socks, red stockings, erotic socks, long stockings, lace stockings, etc.They often play the role of icing on the cake, making women more sexy and charming.

How to buy sex underwear?

When purchasing sexy underwear on Taobao, you must first choose style, color and size based on your body shape, height, complexion and preferences to avoid problems such as inability to wear and insufficient comfort.Secondly, choose good sexy underwear with good materials, and try to avoid buying sexy underwear with poor quality, so as not to occur.Finally, you must choose a reasonable price of sexy underwear. It is not recommended to pursue too cheap sexy underwear. Often, the quality cannot be guaranteed and affects the wearable experience.

What are the tricks of sexy lingerie?

Sexy underwear wearing skills are a science. Among them, the most important point is to ensure the fit of the underwear and the body.Secondly, you should choose different styles and colors according to your own shape. For example, thin women are suitable for buying bikini -style sexy underwear, while women with plump figures are suitable for choosing lace and silk texture of sexy underwear.

What are the cleaning and maintenance methods of sexy underwear?

As a special underwear, sexy underwear needs special attention to cleaning and maintenance.Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use a washing machine to wash the sex underwear, because the washing opportunity grinds the fabric of the sexy underwear, leading to deformation and fading.It is best to use hand washing. After cleaning with neutral detergent, dry it naturally.In addition, sexy underwear should not be cleaned with other clothes to avoid mutual wear.

Why choose to buy fun underwear?

There are many benefits to buying sex underwear.First of all, it can enhance women’s sexy, charm and self -confidence; second, it can increase the taste and life of husband and wife; finally, it can also let women better understand their bodies and desires, and have a better sex experience experienceEssence


In short, there are many types of products sold by Taobao sex underwear stores, covering most of women’s underwear products.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to your physical conditions and preferences, and you also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance method of sexy underwear.Buying good underwear can increase the fun and life of husband and wife, making women more confident, sexy and charming.

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