Where can Jiaozuo buy sexy underwear


Falling underwear, as a unique sexy clothing, is highly sought after.But in our Jiaozuo, there are not many sales sites for sex underwear. Many friends need to buy them in foreign countries.However, in fact, there are some places around us that you can buy sex and sexy underwear. Next, let’s discuss it in detail.

1. Online purchase

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people now choose to buy sexy underwear online.Baidu, JD.com, Taobao and other e -commerce platforms have many shops selling sexy underwear.It is relatively convenient to buy online and avoid embarrassment

2. Quota underwear counters in the mall

Now, many shopping malls have sex underwear counters, such as Intime Department Store, Dennis, Hua Lian, and so on.The fun underwear counters in these malls are rich in supply and are relatively safe to buy.

3. Local sex products store

In fact, there are also some sexy shops in Jiaozuo City, which can be found in local commercial streets and large shopping malls.These physical stores have a small area and are not very rich in types, but the spot supply can be tried directly, and it is more confidential if you buy it.

4. Sex underwear purchasing

Sexy underwear purchasing refers to finding some buyers who have cooperative relationships in other cities or abroad, allowing them to mail them after purchasing fun underwear.The purchase price is low, and you can also buy some sexy underwear of overseas brands, but if the size or quality problem occurs in the later period, it is more troublesome to solve it.

5. Buyer show website

At present, the buyer show website is a place to share sexual underwear, sex toy strategies, and purchase experience.Here, you can find many other consumers’ sexy lingerie buying experience. Many buyers will also show their own purchase experiences and real pictures here, which is very valuable.

6. Pind Duoduo, Paipai and other second -hand trading platforms

On Pinduoduo, Paipai and other platforms, there are also many second -hand sexy underwear transactions. The price is relatively cheap, but safety and hygiene issues need to be considered.

7. Homemade sexy sheets

If you have a certain manual experience, you can also choose to make sexy underwear yourself.There are many shops selling sexy underwear materials on Taobao. After buying materials, you can do it at home.

8. Recommended friends

If you have some friends who have purchased satisfactory sexy underwear on other channels, you can directly ask them to ask the purchase channel or ask them to help the purchasing.


In our Jiaozuo City, it is not difficult to buy sexy underwear. As long as you can find the right purchase channel, you can easily buy your satisfactory sexy underwear!

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