Where is the sexy underwear to purchase

The importance of sexy underwear purchase channels

For shops operating sexy underwear, the choice of purchase channels determines the price and quality of the product.So, how to choose good purchase channels?

Manufacturer direct supplier

Looking for manufacturers and buying directly from the factory is the most direct purchase method, and the price is usually more affordable.At the same time, quality and after -sales service are also more guaranteed, which is suitable for large quantities of procurement.

Wholesale market at home and abroad

The domestic and foreign wholesale markets have become one of the main channels for purchasing sexy underwear.There are many wholesale markets and many types. Merchants can choose the styles and brands they need.However, the price is slightly higher than the manufacturer.

Online ordering

The development of the Internet provides more opportunities for the purchase of sexy underwear.You can choose more brands and styles through online procurement, and the price will be more favorable than the offline market.However, when purchasing online, you must pay attention to the authenticity and credibility of the product.

Canton Fair Procurement

The Canton Fair is an international procurement platform. It is especially suitable for purchasing overseas brands and styles, which can understand the situation of the product in many ways.However, due to the need to go to on -site purchases, the time and logistics costs are high, which is suitable for batch procurement.

Participate in exhibition purchases

In addition to the Canton Fair, many places will carry out sexual product exhibitions. The exhibition is an opportunity to better understand the product and industry dynamics. At the same time, product procurement can also be carried out.However, we must carefully understand the market conditions and quality assurance of the product when purchasing.

Agent and distributor

Agent and distributors are the official channels of the brand, which can provide high -quality genuine and perfect after -sales service.Different brand agents and distributors may have different conditions and cooperation requirements.Therefore, you need to consult and understand in detail when choosing.

Local designers and manufacturers

Compared with big brands, local designers and manufacturers will be more affordable in terms of price, and can also provide more unique design and product quality.However, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the quality and process of the product to prevent adverse merchants.

How to choose the purchase channel

To choose the right purchase channel, you need to consider your own operations, including market demand, store positioning, business scale, funds and procurement quantities, and quality requirements.Choose a suitable channel to ensure sufficient supply, reasonable price, and controllable product quality.

Care for stocking

When purchasing sexy underwear, stocking is a relatively common way that can lock prices when market price fluctuates.However, stocking also needs to grasp the time and quantity to prevent problems such as expired products, backlogs, and poor circulation.

Business strategy

In order to follow market needs, accurate positioning, innovative design, product quality, etc.promote.


Choosing a good purchase channel is very important for stores that operate sexy underwear. Different businesses need to choose the appropriate purchase method according to their own conditions, and cooperate with diversified business strategies in order to gain better development and better development in the market and better development.Word of mouth.

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